Porter Square Engagement Pictures, Boston, MA :: Emily + Mike

It's quite easy to get hung up on location for engagement pictures, sometimes couples ask if we can stop by the State House, the Public Gardens, Beacon Hill, the Waterfront, Newbury Street etc etc. I have to explain that engagement pictures are really all about the two of you and you don't want to spend all of our shooting time walking.

 So when I was talking with Emily & Mike about where they'd like their engagement pictures and they suggested their home with their dog Bentley, the local park they walk to and Porter Square I was super excited to get to photograph them in their natural environment. Meet Emily & Mike:

Of course, I know you really want to know who that handsome little furry white gentleman is? It's Bentley. He's a Maltese but I think he's got some Teddy Bear in there too.

Sometimes the very best location is your front step:

Each couple I photograph is very different. Some need a little encouragement and direction to get close together. And then there's Mike and Emily :)

Bentley had been agonizing for weeks over what to wear for his pictures. He tried on sweater after sweater before deciding that black tie was more in line for Emily & Mike's wedding at the Boston Harbor Hotel next September.

With Emily & Mike snuggling on the sofa I had a conversation with Bentley that mostly involved the word "chicken"...

With Bentley safely tucked away in bed for the evening and a quick outfit change we walked to Porter Square stopping along the way:

On Emily & Mike's first date they went out for drinks. They got on like a house on fire. Mike remembers being so excited and into their conversation that he knocked over his drink. I can see how that would happen ;) these two laugh a lot:

You probably want to know about the proposal don't you? Let's just say it involved an apple orchard and a tiny Bentley puppy wearing a "Will you marry me?" tag around his fluffy white neck.

Who doesn't love a lizard engagement picture? Emily & Mike - you were SO incredibly easy to photograph, I am hoping you can forgive me for the weeks and weeks you've had to wait to see your pictures! You have been incredibly patient and I have been incredibly terrible/missing in action. Please thank Bentley for being such a model puppy and I can't wait to catch up with him at your wedding :)

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