Engagement Pictures in Boston Public Gardens in the Rain :: Kristin + Dan

Remember October 29th this year? Hurricane Sandy was barreling along the East Coast towards us? Well, hours before she hit, I met up with Kristin and Dan in the Boston Public Garden for a mini-engagement shoot.

What IS a mini engagement shoot you ask? Around this time of year I'm booking up for 2013 and couples often need just a few pictures for a save the date, their wedding website or a newspaper announcement but they really want their pictures taken in spring or summer with nicer weather. That's where a mini engagement shoot comes in. We meet up for 15-30 minutes and you get a handful of pictures and then we do your full engagement shoot when the weather is better.

Some logistics - mini engagement shoots take place on weekdays only (weekends are full with weddings/time with Mr H) and they happen within 15 miles of my zip code (03865 or 04015) because it's not really a mini shoot if I have to spend 3 hours driving :)

On this particular day I had plans to be in Boston anyways and so that's where we shot. Back to Kristin & Dan. They were at Boston College together, they lived in the same building but on different floors:

Kristin and Dan almost didn't even get together - how sad would that have been? Very sad indeed :( The very first time they met they were having a conversation about their respective majors and Kristin thought that Dan was being a little condescending but he wasn't - it wasn't really the best of starts.

Luckily they would frequently see each other and started getting to know one another better. A first date to see a concert together was nearly derailed when Kristin forgot her ID but it worked out and led to more dates.

Fast forward to a weekend when Dan was out of town (unbeknownst to Kristin he was actually in Chicago asking for her parent's blessing). Kristin's friend convinced her to come and watch a concert downtown. They were walking through the Public Gardens when Kristin saw Dan standing in front of her (he'd just flown back from Chicago). He dropped to one knee and asked her to marry him. Kristin said yes :)

Kristin & Dan - I hope you like these few favorites that I picked out, I'm emailing you now with the link to your full gallery and I'll see you next year for engagement shoot part two! 

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