Engagement Pictures in Wells and Portland, Maine :: LeeAnne + Joshua

Their first date didn't go so well. They met up at Pizzeria Regina in Boston's North End and despite some pretty awesome pizza, it was just a tiny bit....meh. Josh had had a BIG night out the night before and was a little tired, LeeAnne was her usual mix of happy and lively energy. After the date they went their separate ways and that was that.

LeeAnne was going back to school to qualify as a Nurse Practitioner and months after that first date she was surprised to hear from Josh. He sent her a little note jokingly wondering if she'd been snapped up by a doctor yet or if she was still single. The emails went back and forth and they decided that maybe they'd try one more date.

First date #2 was at Menton in Boston (jealous!) and it was one of those dates where you don't want it to end. And then Josh blew the next date out of the park when he cooked for LeeAnne in his restaurant. Yup - because he's a chef with his own restaurant.

We started our engagement session at Joshua's Restaurant (that's both a description of our actual location AND the name of the restaurant - multitasking!) in the bar:

The first email I got from LeeAnne was awesome. She explained that she wasn't exactly engaged to Josh yet (she doesn't like surprises so knew it was imminent), they knew they would be getting married in June 2013 and asked which dates I had available. I love it when this happens :)

We didn't get to visit the family farm that supplies the restaurant but Josh and LeeAnne showed me the herb garden just outside the kitchen door. They were more interested in one another than the herbs ;)

A short drive later we were in Portland, Maine to take some more engagement pictures. We arranged to meet at the Standard Baking Company (mmm mmm mmm, most amazing brownies and bread) and then wandered around the Old Port area with lots of giggling and hugging:

If there's not a lobster trap in a picture then I'm not a Maine wedding photographer :)

There weren't too many more dates before LeeAnne and Josh started talking about a possible future together. Josh floated the idea of this turning into something really serious and luckily LeeAnne was on the same page :) A ring, a request to LeeAnne's father for his blessing and these two were engaged!

Josh & LeeAnne's wedding will take place next June at the beautiful Laudholm Farm in Wells, Maine. Hoorah for second first dates. 

LeeAnne - I'm SO glad your friend Kate was in a wedding party that I photographed years ago and that you've been reading this blog ever since. And I'm super glad that you and Josh chose me to be your wedding photographer - it's going to be awesome.

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