Merrimack Valley Golf Club Wedding :: Stacy + John (Part I)

Hello! Today for your blog reading pleasure I have the first part of the wedding of the most brilliant couple ever, yes it's Stacy and John! I have an ache in my face as I've been smiling so hard whilst editing these pictures. I'm splitting this blog post into two parts - ceremony and reception are coming tomorrow so we're starting our day at the Wyndham hotel in Andover, MA

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We hit the weather jackpot:

If Stacy ever forgot what was happening that day she just had to glance over her shoulder for a reminder ;)

Once I see purple wedding colors I know we've hit fall:

Stacy is a girl after my own Jimmy-Choo-loving heart:

In the girl's hotel suite it felt like there were a million hair and make up people and bridesmaids and junior bridesmaids and Stacy was just super chill. I feel like Stacy has this kind of old Hollywood look going on - she's all tumbling dark curls and creamy porcelain skin, it makes me want to turn all of the images of her black and white:

There was an extra special guest at the wedding ;) Don't be mad at me for posting this - you know I had to!!!

Over in the guys room, John was the resident mixologist:

I'd worked with Stacy on her timeline and when I suggested padding the timeline with extra 15 minute blocks of time she happily agreed. I have never been so happy knowing that we had that safety net as when it was time for Stacy to get dressed we were already running about an hour late.

Stacy's father Peter seeing his little girl as a bride for the first time:

It was all getting kinds of emotional but luckily Stacy's sister Kaitlin was there to stop the tears falling:

I remember getting a call from Stacy last year, it went something like this:
Stacy: Hi! I'm not sure if you remember me but I was a bridesmaid at Stephanie & Tim's wedding that you photographed a couple of years ago and I'm hoping you'll be free on our wedding day... 
Leah: Of course I remember you (Stephanie's bridesmaids were a ton of fun to photograph). We can maybe meet up next week to talk more about your wedding... 
Stacy: Can't I just send you a check now? I don't want anyone else to get you!
Leah: OK! That works! 
We then chatted about the plans and schedule and one of the things that sticks out in my head was Stacy telling me that she was excited about the wedding but really, she was just so excited to be John's wife.

Anyway, I'm getting off topic - Stephanie returned the bridesmaiding favor for Stacy and I can't think of a tighter knit group of friends. They're like sisters from another mother - that doesn't sound the same does it? But you get the idea. Stacy waited until they were all perfectly dressed and made up before giving them beautiful bridesmaid gifts from Tiffany and making them all cry with her handwritten cards:

This has become somewhat of a tradition among the girls. As each one gets married they decorate a bottle of Veuve Clicquot with her new last name and toast to her married life:

Stacy and John decided to do a first look. I don't think either of them would have made it through to the ceremony without getting to see one another. I rode over to the first look location with John who kept repeating, "I just can't wait to see her. I just want to see her." I smiled and mentioned that she looked absolutely beautiful in her wedding dress and he looked up and said "She always does." Ahh - heart melt :) 

Super fun wedding party:  

John is super close to his sister Jen so she was an honorary groomsman for the day:

I have a soft spot for any grandparents at weddings :) and I can't wait to see my grandmother in December when I head back to the UK. Here's Stacy and her Nan (who I am reliably informed makes the BEST spaghetti sauce in the world):

The blog is going to BLOW UP over the next few weeks with the weddings I have for you to enjoy! Part II of Stacy & John's wedding at Merrimack Valley Golf Club tomorrow then it's Amanda & Mike's beautiful wedding at the Boston Harbor Hotel. Close on it's heels will be Jessica & Scott's elegant affair at the Boston Public Library. After that we'll have Julie & Jonathan's French Parisian themed wedding at the Mansion of Turner Hill. And then I'll top it all off with Meredith & Melanie's wedding at Chatham Bars Inn. Not to mention a bunch of engagement pictures along the way!!! How excited are you!?!??

Oh go on then, one last picture before I run out to an engagement shoot:

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