Beacon Hill Engagement Pictures :: Boston Wedding Photographer :: Lori + Tom

Remember when you were in high school and you'd have conversations like this:
- My friend likes your friend...
- Well, my friend likes your friend....
- My friend says...
and it was all exciting and awesome?

Well, Lori & Tom went to high school together. Nope they weren't high school sweethearts, in fact they never even dated. Over the years their paths would cross at the occasional birthday party of mutual friends.

Well, it was their hugh school reunion. Tom says he remembers seeing Lori at the party and making a beeline to go talk to her. I guess when you get a bunch of grown-ups together who used to be in high-school together they can't help but revert back to their teenage years. So there may have been some of the "My friend likes your friend!" conversations happening :)

Lori and Tom talked and laughed and Tom followed up with a first date invitation to dinner at Atlantic Fish on Boylston St

We met up in Beacon Hill for some Boston engagement pictures in the fall. Lori and Tom are so great together - lots of laughing :)

Even this squirrel was like "Stop it! I can't stand it! You're so cute together I'm going to bury my head in these leaves like a little ostrich squirrel!"

Tom had an elaborate proposal plan over dinner but the night it was all scheduled to go down the weather was horrendous. So he simply asked Lori to marry him, just the two of them and Lori said yes :) Lori & Tom - I had a blast having a beer with you both and then wandering around Boston. I can't wait for your March 2013 wedding! Here's to a perfect sunny day with maybe just a hint of snow on the ground :)

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