Engagement Pictures at World's End, Hingham, MA :: Jo + Ben

From my initial emails with Ben and Jo I suspected they might be a particularly fun couple. My suspicions were confirmed when we met up for their engagement session at World's End in Hingham, MA :)

We started at Stars Bar on Hingham Harbor which is Jo & Ben's local bar, the awesome bar staff even sent over little hello messages on their drinks :)

After a number of beers and grape sodas (rest assured I don't drink at your wedding, but engagement sessions are a leeeetle more relaxed ;) we headed out to World's End in Hingham, MA.

It was the first time I've been to World's End and I was wowed with the rolling hills and rocky shorelines with sweeping views of the Boston skyline. Not to mention how awesome Jo and Ben are together:

The only slight hiccup was that the grounds were closing maybe 30 minutes after we arrived. But I shoot fast. Really fast.  Jo & Ben were totally cool haring around/running from location to location. I don't think I've ever:
a) Laughed so much
b) Gotten so much exercise at a shoot

Anyhoo, back to Jo & Ben. They met online. Nope, not what you're thinking. No Match.com or EHarmony.com for these two. They're both super into music and Jo posted in the "friends/platonic only" area of a site about the type of music she was into and asked for some additional suggestions for her playlist. Ben randomly stumbled across her post and for a few months they emailed back and forth about their favorite music.

Moments before sunset you get some scarily good golden light:

Eventually Jo & Ben decided they should meet in real life. Jo admits to having a virtual crush on Ben. Ben said he felt the same. So Ben arrived in Boston to a sort of treasure hunt. Jo had left clues under phone boxes and a map for Ben to follow. They ultimately met in the Public Gardens and their meet-up turned into drinks...then dinner...and now they're getting married!!!

Here's Jo & Ben having a leaf fight: 

If you fight hard enough you have to have a little rest. Jo and Ben had a little rest amongst the leaves :)

World's End is now my new favorite location for engagement pictures:

We made it out just in time before they closed the gates and towed our cars :)

Although we had a ton of pictures I was having too much fun with Jo and Ben so we headed back to Stars Bar stopping on the way for a couple of pictures:

A couple of days before this engagement session I'd had a ton of fun with an editorial shoot for Seacoast Weddings. I mentioned to Jo and Ben that my car smelled like someone had filled it with sugar as I was driving around with multiple wedding cakes in my passenger seats :)

It seemed rude not to use the cake for bonus pictures.... I can't wait for Jo & Ben's actual (vegan) cake cutting at their wedding at Glen Magna Farm next year...

Back at Stars Bar I shot Ben and Jo at the bar:

We went outside for a few late night pictures :)

Jo & Ben - I can't remember the last time I've laughed so much at an engagement shoot. As if I wasn't excited enough about your wedding I am now uber-excited about the handmixers in the photobooth :)

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  1. Beautiful photos, Leah. I like the one in the golden light the best. And might I add I've been jonesing for purple highlights like hers for ages, but they never work out for me.