Newburyport Engagement Pictures :: Mini shoot :: Sarah + Kevin

Sarah and Kevin are both chefs. When we met up a few weeks ago for a mini engagement shoot in Newburyport Kevin asked me about the concept of a mini-shoot. I started explaining that at this time of year many of my couples want to wait for warmer weather before taking pictures but they need just a handful of pictures for save the date cards so we shoot for just 15-30 minutes.

Then I figured a better description might be that the wedding day is kind of the entree of wedding photography. The engagement session is the appetizer. And a mini engagement session is a little amuse-bouche :)

Sarah and Kevin first met in Las Vegas when Sarah was doing her externship at David Burke's steakhouse (mmm mmm mmm) and where Kevin worked. After the externship Sarah returned to Florida where her family lives. A while later Kevin was offered a chef position at a restaurant in Florida (do you see where we're going here?!)

Our original plan was to shoot at the beach but when the weather took a turn for the worse we decided to move to Newburyport. It was REALLY cold, Kevin is a joker and kept asking Sarah if she wouldn't be happier in bare feet in the sand :) Check out the stormy sky!

As Kevin was planning his move to Florida, Sarah kindly offered to show Kevin around and help him find somewhere to live etc. When Sarah's sister saw the perfectly tabbed and organized binders about the area that Sarah had put together for Kevin she was all "You LIKE him!!!". I haven't met her but Sarah's sister sounds like a smart woman to me :)

Kevin and Sarah started seeing a lot more of each other in Florida. Once he'd settled in, Kevin asked Sarah if she'd like to go to dinner at his new restaurant. He explained he was bringing a friend in and when they arrived everything was set up super romantically :) and wouldn't you know it? They started dating!

Nope, Sarah didn't just grow taller for this picture, she's standing on a ledge ;)

It was around this time that my fingers started to get REALLY cold but that sunset!!!

Sarah & Kevin - I hope you enjoyed the mini shoot! I'm excited for our next one once we get through the winter and I'm even more excited for your July 2013 wedding at the Ritz-Carlton!

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