Trump Soho New York Wedding :: Tara + Mike (Part I)

I photograph weddings in New England. Boston, New Hampshire and all over Maine, especially at weddings at Migis Lodge which is 2 minutes from home :)

I don't travel or do destination weddings.

So I'm not 100% sure how I ended up in NYC for this wedding ;) Kidding! The bride Tara, was the maid of honor at Becky's wedding to Duke and she got in touch to see if I'd travel, so I made an exception to my travel rule. 

Audrey (fabulous assistant photographer) and I made the epic drive to NYC (stopping obsessively for gas on the way due to the Hurricane Sandy gas rationing) and I might post part of Friday's celebrations the meantime let's start with the wedding day which started off hazy but warmed up:

Tara had her hair done at Frederik Ferrai:

Back at Trump Soho there were all sorts of lovely details for me to photograph:

Audrey hung out in with the guys in Mike's suite - lots of great dad and brother pictures :) 

Tara was having her make up done by the always fabulous Meredith Waite Casey:

Time to get dressed. Everyone got a little emotional seeing Tara in her beautiful dress:

Tara and Mike decided to do a first look which was awesome. It meant that
a) They'd get to spend a little time alone
b) We'd be able to take pictures before it went dark
c) With all of the wedding party and formal pictures done, they'd get to enjoy cocktail hour with their friends and family. Hoorah!

 Best reactions ever!

I was loving the space outside of the spa at Trump Soho. Giant plantpots!!!

And empty swimming pools!!! We gathered up the wedding party and then went off to the High Line and Chelsea Market. Within seconds we had an audience of tourists: With the daylight fading and a ton of pictures taken Tara and Mike took their wedding party for a welcome drink before it was time to head back to the Trump Soho for the wedding ceremony. One last picture:

That's it for this post. Next up is the wedding ceremony on the 46th floor of the Trump Soho - most amazing views ever!

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