Boston Harbor Hotel Wedding Photographer :: Boston Engagement Pictures :: Elizabeth + AJ

The Boston Harbor Hotel will be the location for Elizabeth & AJ's wedding in just over 2 weeks so I thought I'd better get their engagement pictures up on the blog! Our first shoot was last summer and you can catch up on it here along with the story of how they met and the proposal:
Boston Engagement Pictures - Elizabeth & AJ

We lucked out with an unseasonably warm day in January and took some pictures around NorthEastern and the Christian Science Center before heading over to the Boston Public Library for some night time pictures. I've got SO much good stuff I'm working on right now so I'm going to be quiet and just get the pictures up!

Elizabeth mentioned that she loved this engagement picture I took of Jessica and Scott on the steps of the Boston Public Library. I don't like to try to recreate images so I decided to do a little light painting for something new :) Thanks to Kelly for coming along to watch the tripod! 

Next up - Alicia & Bill's fabulous wedding at Renaissance Golf Club then Heather & Justin's snowy wedding at Merrimack Golf Club. Libby & Blake's winter engagement pictures in Boston and then a slew of published weddings and magazine features. Huzzah!

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