Renaissance Golf Club Wedding Photographer :: Haverhill, MA :: Alicia + Bill (Part II)

I have a beautiful wedding at Renaissance Golf Club in Haverhill, MA for you today. If you missed yesterday's post with the getting ready pictures and wedding ceremony then you can find it here: Renaissance Golf Club Wedding Photographer 

Anyway, it's a freezing cold today AND it's Friday afternoon with just 15 minutes left before you finish for the weekend, let's be honest you're probably not doing that much work so log off facebook, go get a coffee and settle back and enjoy Alicia and Bill's fabulous wedding reception.

Alicia and Bill didn't want to see one another before their wedding ceremony so we did as many of the formals as possible before the ceremony (and before it got dark!!!), after the ceremony we just had a handful of pictures to take so they could enjoy cocktail hour with their friends and family:

In an ideal world, each of my couples find 30-60 minutes for pictures, they have time together on their day, we'll maybe hit a couple of different locations and it's super relaxed. We were on a little time crunch here plus it was frrrrrrreeeeezing outside but I'm rather loving these pictures:

Time to head back inside for delicious appetizers and signature candy cane martinis (I've said it before but Lana and the whole Renaissance Golf Club team are just amazing - even for the 10 minutes we were outside for pictures we had a dedicated member of staff to get drinks/food/hold Alicia's bouquet - so great!!!):

Loving the little snowflakes on the escort cards (I did this at our winter wedding too!)

Let's welcome the new Mr & Mrs Brown!!!!

I love love loved how Bill and Alicia laughed and cried at the toasts but through it all they kept their hands tightly clutched:

Parent dances, but first a big hug for Alicia's grandmother:

I have to take a moment to mention the Lisa Love Experience. I've seen a LOT of wedding bands and singers at a gazillion weddings but Lisa and the guys were AH-MA-ZING!!!! Clicking on their website to find the link I see they're "more than a experience" and believe me - it's all true - they were fabulous!

A little Italian pastry or cannoli? Yes please!

I'm not 100% sure what was going on here, it was obviously some kind of dance routine that Alicia and the girls knew. I just especially love the top two pictures where you can just see Bill on the edge, just dancing away like no one is watching :)

But wait!?!? What's happening here? A crowd was forming....

Let's just say that "Girls just wanna' have fun" and "Livin' on a prayer" will never be the same again:

The End. And they lived happily ever after. With Bam Bam the dog. 

Renaissance Golf Club Contact Information and address:
377 Kenoza Street
MA 01830
978 556 0900
Event Director: Lana Visbeck

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Alicia & Bill - how much fun was that? Alicia - from our first meeting that went waaaay too long but which I thoroughly enjoyed ;) to the first time I got to meet Bill (and Bam Bam of course) and we hared all over Newburyport. Bill - I apologize for making you climb towers of stairs not realizing you weren't the biggest fan of heights! The two of you make the most wonderful couple and it was clear to see how happy your friends and family were for you both. Thank you, thank you, thank you :)

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