Colonnade Wedding Photographer :: Boston Engagement :: Libby + Blake

Libby was at grad school and one of her guy friends was always saying "I wish you lived closer so you could meet my brother Blake, he would love you!" Said friend was getting married back in 2008 and invited Libby and some of her friends to the bachelor party. Guess who else was at the bachelor party? Blake!!!

Blake says he remembers seeing Libby for the first time and just thinking "Wow, she's beautiful."

Libby and Blake were inseparable for the whole weekend of bachelor party and wedding fun but then it was time to go home and back to normal life. Neither Libby nor Blake forgot each other though, there were texts and then emails and then phone calls and let's just say a year and a half later when it was time for Blake to all worked out perfectly! They're going to get married this year at the Gordon Chapel and have their wedding reception at the Colonnade in Boston - one of my favorite wedding venues - and I can't wait!

We met up for a mini engagement session. What is a mini engagement session I hear you ask? It's a quick 15-30 minute shoot and you get 10-15 pictures.  I usually do them at this time of year when couples want to wait for warmer weather but they really need a couple of pictures for their save the date or website or newspaper announcement. 15-30 minutes is just about the right time before your fingers freeze and your nose turns red :)

Libby and Blake laugh a lot:

Much as I love the Boston Public Gardens it's nice to be somewhere different for engagement pictures. We're in the Seaport district which has all sorts of interesting buildings and locations plus it's usually fairly quiet:

I dare you to look at this image and not smile:

Bye bye Libby & Blake, I'll see you again once the weather warms up and the trees are green again...thanks for being so fun to hang out with! 

Oh go on then, one more, this time on Commonwealth Avenue once the twinkly lights came out to play:

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