Engagement Pictures in Portland, Maine :: Katie + Joel

Katie and Joel are getting married later this summer at the Colonnade Hotel - one of my FAVORITE wedding venues. Hello? Cocktail hour on Boston's only rooftop pool? Most amazing team of Gabi, Chef Nick, great location in downtown Boston - what's not to love?!

Anyhoo, after Katie and Joel booked me for their wedding a few weeks ago they realized they needed a couple of pictures for their save the date card so we squeezed (I want to say squoze but I know that's wrong) in a mini engagement session in Portland, Maine with their full engagement session to follow when it gets a little warmer out.

Katie and Joel first met when they played on opposing (green vs. orange) teams at kickball. Let's just say they noticed one another during the various kickball games. We don't have kickball in the UK but Katie and Joel told me all about it, including the fact that most of the time all of the kickball teams go out for drinks afterwards....

So Katie & Joel find themselves in a bar together with their respective teams and I guess the competitive fun continued with a game of flip cup. Katie admits to flipping her cup around the table to where Joel was :) They got to talking and after a delay of phone tag/missed voicemails Joel invited Katie out for a first date.

The guy on the left made me giggle. The light was fading fast so Katie and Joel stood on the little boardwalk and he proceeded to walk up an down in front of them multiple times ;)

The first date went a tiny bit awry when due to laundry and transportation issues Joel managed to arrive at the restaurant a couple of hours late. Katie had poured a glass of wine while she was getting ready and in her own words "by the time we actually had dinner I was having a GREAT time anyway!" Luckily date #2 ran to schedule and turned into date #3, 4 and 5 and now they're getting married!

By now it was pretty much dark in Portland but I saw some twinkly lights...like a moth to a flame...

Katie & Joel - hope you had an awesome time in York, ME after our shoot! - imagine if you'd tried to go this weekend in the blizzard?!?!! So much fun - looking forward to your spring/summer pictures!

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  1. I love the one with the old man and the dog! haha! great photos Leah:)