Merrimack Valley Golf Club Wedding Photographer :: Heather + Justin (Part I)

Merrimack Valley Golf Club was where I spent my New Years Eve photographing the wedding of Heather and Justin. As a general rule I don't work on New Years Eve - mostly because it sucks to drive home at 1am after working for 12+ hours, not to mention dodging the drunk drivers as they weave all over the road. However, Merrimack Valley Golf Club is not only a beautiful wedding venue, it's also less than 10 miles from my house AND Heather and Justin are a pretty awesome couple - so I made an exception :)

I started my day at the home of Heather's parents, all of the girls were at the salon but Heather's dad John was super welcoming while I took over the living room to take some detail pictures, their cute little Boston terrier was less impressed with my photography skills:

Oh - you think you're good because you've got a big camera? I'm so not impressed:

I headed over to the salon where I took a couple of stealth pictures through the window:

I think all but one of my 2012 wedding clients had the pleasure of meeting the fabulous Audrey who was with me at virtually every wedding last year. Audrey has the patience of a saint, she started her 2012 with me at Malinda & Danny's North End Wedding on New Years Day and ended her 2012 with me at Heather & Justin's New Years Eve wedding, not to mention having to spend far too much time in between dealing with my idiosyncracies and crazy demands, "Can you go get a picture like this [waving my arms around and expecting her to mind read] and then if you happen to see a diet coke on the way back....please, thank you?" :) Anyhoo, Audrey was hanging with Justin and the guys as they played cards:

As Justin had some assistance with his pocket square...

...his helpful groomsmen filled up various hipflasks with the good stuff:

With hair and make up all done we returned back to Heather's parent's home for the girls to get dressed,  Heather's niece and cutest flower girl ever:

Heather's sister Jen helped her with her jewelry...

...while proud Mom Song watched her two girls:

Heather's dad John was finally allowed back into the room, love his expression seeing Heather as a bride for the first time:

When it's icy cold outside you have to be a little creative with portraits. I believe I stood on a dining room chair for this and asked Heather to squeeze up to the windo, it's one of my favorites :)

Winter weddings can be so very beautiful with the snow and the clear crisp skies and sunsets but it's also important to remember that it gets DARK by 4:30pm. So if your wedding is at 5:30pm and you don't want to see each other beforehand then all of your pictures will likely be indoors and the beautiful setting of your venue becomes irrelevant. Luckily Heather and Justin decided they would very much like to have some time together, just the two of them - which also meant we could do wedding party and family pictures whilst it was still light outside. Hoorah!

Justin waited patiently:

And as he saw Heather walk towards him, the smile just spread across his face:

Heather looked pretty happy too:

Yup, two very happy almost-newlyweds:

Merrimack Valley Golf Club was like a winter wonderland, the sun was just setting over the snow covered golf course and the groomsmen and bridesmaids were troopers in the bitingly cold wind:

Up next is the wedding ceremony followed by the wedding reception with one of the most moving toasts ever. And a LOT of dancing.

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