Winter Engagement Pictures in Newburyport :: Mary + Mark

The week after I photographed a wedding in the official blizzard of 2013 (coming up next on the blog), I had a mini engagement session scheduled with Mary and Mark in Newburyport. The weather forecast said snow and Mary and Mark were cool with it. It was "just"a storm - no blizzard classification - but the wind was ridiculous! Flying snow, icy cold temperatures and Mary and Mark were troopers. We'll be doing more pictures once it warms up but just a few for now.

Maya the dog joined us for part of the shoot: 

Maya the dog says "You people are crazy taking pictures in this weather. I'm going to hang in the warm car with my blanket!"

Six years ago Mary and Mark were both studying at UMass Amherst. Mary had a good friend named Nicole. Mark had a good friend named Joel. Joel and Nicole were dating. Joel and Nicole throught it would be good if Mary and Mark met one another. One day Mary was out with Nicole when they happened to "bump" into Mark and Joel at lunch...

Mary remembers talking to Mark and being distracted by how blue his eyes were:

After that initial accidental lunch date it wasn't long before Mary and Mark found themselves regularly eating lunch together:

Lunch turned into a dinner out, then a Red Sox game then a relationship and now Mary and Mark will be getting married at Tewksbury Country Club in November:

Maya the dog says, "What? You're still taking pictures?

Just one more as the twinkly old fashioned gas lamps of Newburyport came on:

Thanks Mary & Mark & Maya! I'm looking forward to part II at UMass Amherst in the spring!

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