Engagement Pictures in Beacon Hill and Boston Public Garden :: Haley + Josh

I work with a lot of out of town couples who are traveling to Boston for their wedding - they live in New York, Chicago, Texas and even California - like Haley & Josh. We'll email, skype and facetime and often the first time we meet is at the engagement session.

Haley grew up in Boston, Josh in California and they decided the wanted a quintessential Boston feel to their engagement pictures so we started in Beacon Hill:

I asked Haley and Josh how they met one another and they laughingly told me how Josh was at a poker game with his buddies when Haley arrived. Josh tried to tell me that Haley saw him and fell instantly in love. Haley explained that she knew nothing about poker but was happy to be invited to the next poker night by Josh ;) 

We totally lucked out on the weather and the Public Garden was the next stop on our list: Haley and Josh were all kinds of awesome to hang out with. It makes my job super easy when a couple genuinely enjoy each others company. Josh is really sweet with Haley and there was a lot of laughing too!

As the sunset and the swan boats retired for the evening I took a few last pictures of the lovebirds
Haley & Josh - that was fun!!! Here are just a few of my favorites - your full gallery is winging it's way to you via email. I can't wait for your wedding on Cape Cod next month!!!

A special thank you to Wendy Joblon for connecting me with Haley & Josh - so excited to work with you next month!

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