Helpful Wedding Information Week

Wedding Season is well underway here at Leah Haydock Photography. Many of my 2013 couples are scheduling engagement sessions, working on their wedding photography homework, confirming timelines and other fun activities. My 2014 couples are booking vendors and confirming plans and wondering how time is speeding along so quickly!
So you know how the Discovery Channel has Shark Week? I thought it might be fun to have "Helpful Wedding Information Week" on the blog next week. What do you think? Good idea? Bad idea? Just stick to pictures Leah!?

I have a TON of different blog post ideas but I want them to be useful to you - yes you, my lovely yet mostly anonymous blog readers - so I'm looking for comments here on the blog (click on "view comments for this post", type your comment in the box and choose "name/url" or "anonymous" from the drop down box. If you choose "name/url" you can type your name and leave "url" blank or just go to my facebook page Leah Haydock Photography and comment there)

So here are the possible topics - remember there are only 5 days so you have to vote for your favorites:
1. Tips on how to choose your wedding photographer. Questions to ask. Things to look for
2. Everything Engagement. Why get engagement pictures? What to wear. How to choose your location
3. The top ten mistakes couples make on their wedding day and how to avoid them
4. Top ten tips to get better wedding pictures
5. Frequently asked questions about wedding photography
6. Shot lists. Do we need them? What should be on them? Can we send you our Pinterest board?
7. Family formals. How many do we take? What groups should we list? When's the best time to take them?
8. Timeline troubles. How to enjoy every second of your wedding day and still find time to take the pictures you want. Planning the best timeline.
9. You can Photoshop that right? Tips to look your best without Photoshop
10. Wedding Albums. Do we need one? Why? How does the design process work?

And because every blog post is better with a picture here are our dogs. They were assisting me when I photographed a TON of chocolate a few weeks ago [rest assured - I know chocolate is deadly for dogs - the chocolate was nowhere near their reach]


  1. I think #8 would be a huge help for brides! I suppose #3 would fall into that same topic...and #2 would be a great blog too. It's nice to have professional photos in regular clothing, not just bridal attire!

  2. #7 We both have large families and I'm anxious about allowing enough time for formal pictures but still enjoying the day with our friends

  3. Engagement pictures please!!! We're looking forward to taking ours in 3 weeks!!!

  4. engageeeeeemeeeennnnnt!

  5. personally 4,6,8 and 10. :)