NYC Engagement Pictures :: SoHo and Central Park :: Jenn + Erik

A couple of weeks ago I went to NYC for a few engagement sessions. I have a number of New York based couples getting married in Boston and often they want pictures in their hometown.

Due to weather/scheduling my plans had changed a couple of times but Jenn & Erik was super flexible about finding time and so we actually did a two part shoot - an hour in the evening followed by an hour in the morning. Which was great not only for different locations/outfits but mostly because I got to hang out with them twice ;) We started at the Mondrian Hotel in SoHo where I was staying. This is my new favorite hotel. We met for a cocktail in the bar:

Let's backtrack. Jenn and Erik actually met when they were in high school. But they weren't in the same high school. They met at an orientation day for UMass Amherst when they were paired up to play billiards. What started out as friendship eventually became a pretty awesome relationship and eventually Erik knew he wanted Jenn to be his wife.

Awesome proposal story: Erik planed dinner, a limo, a friend hiding out with a camera to capture the moment followed by...wait for it..a surprise weekend in Puerto Rico (ummm - top marks Erik!). As the weekend trip was a surprise he knew he'd have to pack a case of clothing for Jenn (something I imagine most guys would struggle with) so he did his research; looking at pictures of Jenn on previous vacations to figure out what clothes she'd want to wear, coming up with a story about how they might visit friends who had a hot tub and so which was her favorite swimsuit?  Anyway, they're out at dinner (Grill 23 no less!) and disaster strikes. Jenn starts to feel unwell. Erik says he call for the limo and Jenn's all "Nah, let's just get the bus home!". Erik was scrambling - sending message to the photographer friend to wait/move/be ready now. Long story short Erik asked Jenn to marry him and Jenn said yes. Hoorah!

Anyhoo - Jenn & Erik were beyond chill about location (Top tip: your engagement pictures are about the two of you. Yup, I'll incorporate the setting into some of the pictures, especially if there's sentimental meaning, but often couples will fall in love with a picture we took in a parking garage or a weird doorway - it's all about the light :) We pooled around one block of SoHo and the entrance to the Mondrian (which is gorgeous) and got these:

What's the saying? Happy wife = Happy life? I think Jenn and Erik will have a very happy life :) 

We then hopped in a taxi and headed over to a park with the most spectacular view of the city just in time for sunset:

The only issue when I photograph in NYC vs. Boston is that I don't have a ton of people I can call on for lighting assistance for night time pictures. Thanks to the wonders of facebook, a great guy names Dmitriy showed up to hold my lights (Megan, a videographer friend put a shout out to her film school friends and Harry offered to help. Harry got stuck in work and so put me in touch with his friend Dmitriy. Gotta love facebook):

It was getting kind of late so we called cut for the day and Jenn & Erik kindly insisted on a) taking me back to my hotel and b) buying me a gin and tonic. Way to my heart ! I'm now likely to work 300% harder on their wedding day ;)

The next morning was still ridiculously hot but we met up in Central Park for some classic New York style engagement pictures:

I always encourage couples to wear their hearts on their sleeves and just go for it. Jenn and Erik took me at my word and just went for it :)

Alrighty, one more and that's all for today.

I had a 17 hour day yesterday and I have 3 engagement shoots and a wedding coming up in the next 5 days so I'm giving myself the rest of the day off today. I plan on only moving to get food or a frosty beverage. I'm staying off the computer. So don't email me. Or I'll be mad at you. Kidding. Not really.

Next up on the blog will be Haley & Josh's stunning oceanfront wedding (with fireworks!), followed by Katherine & Greg's engagement pictures then LeeAnne & Josh's beautiful barn wedding in Maine...Happy Sunday!

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  1. Stunning photos beautiful both of you. Lots of love Aunt Jami