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It's Labor day weekend! How did that happen?!? Everyone's talking about the last weekend of summer and wedding season winding down, I still have 10 weddings left to shoot in 2013 so there's no wind down yet for this busy bee. In fact on Sunday I'll be shooting a fabulous wedding at Boston Harbor Hotel with a very special guest in the Photo Booth. And that's all I have to say about that...

For your Friday afternoon viewing pleasure I thought you'd like to see some of Toby & Jesse's pictures from their mini engagement session. They'll be getting married in exactly one year and one day! I'll be heading to NYC where they live and work for their main engagement session but this was a great opportunity to say hi to them both in person and get a few pictures in Toby's hometown.

The iconic swan boats made for a great backdrop and I'm loving the pop of blue from Toby's dress:

Toby and Jesse met over a patient's bedside. Jesse was training for his eventual physician's assistant role and in the rather awkward position of applying pressure to prevent a haematoma from bursting. Toby was the nurse assigned to the patient and was in and out of the room to check on her.
Jesse said he noticed how beautiful Toby was straight away and over the next few hours made all sorts of attempts to start up a conversation but Toby was having none of it. Toby maintains that she was just crazy busy!

Eventually they started chatting and a lunch date was next. There was lots of conversation and laughing and Jesse invited Toby to a photography exhibit. Toby had only recently moved to NYC and all of her friends had been telling her all about how dating was different there. They advised that if Toby liked Jesse she should let him know and kiss him. The end of the date came and Jesse said he thought Toby was maybe a little out of his league. He decided that he'd play safe with a kiss on the cheek while Toby went for a little kiss on the lips :)
That little kiss turned into lots of happy dates which turned into a happy relationship and now Toby and Jesse are getting married at the Taj Boston next year!
We spent a short time in the Public Gardens and Beacon Hill...
...before heading down to the Charles River where Toby learned to sail with her brothers when she was younger.

Whilst dodging the ultimate frisbee players, we walked by the Hatch Shell. We figured no one would mind one quick picture ;)
Engaged couple in Hatch Shell in Boston
Our mini session over we headed back to the cars and I was temporarily distracted by the lights reflecting on the pond outside the Four Seasons:
Toby & Jesse - I hope you like these few teasers, I can't wait to photograph you both in NYC and at your wedding next year!

Happy Labor Day y'all. Does that mean I have to put away my white pants? Remember to hit up Leah Haydock Photography on facebook and "like" the page if you want to see who the special Photo Booth guest will be on week on the blog I'll have Katie & Joel's Colonnade Boston wedding. Hoorah!

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  1. Leah these are unbelievable!! Thank you so much! You are amazing!! We love you! --Toby & Jesse