Newburyport Engagement Pictures :: Kristin and Dustin

Kristin & Dustin came to me via Hailey Tash, a talented Maine photographer who just happens to be Kristin's best friend. Hailey can't photograph their wedding because she'll be a bridesmaid and it's hard to hold a bouquet AND a camera so I get the job instead. Thanks Hailey!

I'd chatted with Kristin & Dustin on the phone and interwebs but this was the first time we'd met in person. We chatted about their wedding plans and then wandered around Newburyport:
It was an absolutely perfect night so we left Newburyport to head over to the beach. We just needed a wave to crash over them and it would have been like a Calvin Klein ad ;)
Dustin was in his last year of pharmacy school on a night out with some friends when they met the new pharmacy school students including Kristin. It was a busy night; all of the new students were bombarding Dustin with questions about school so he and Kristin didn't get to talk much but they told me that they definitely noticed one another.
That night, Dustin sent Kristin a friend request on facebook and she accepted :) They both enjoy running and Kristin asked Dustin if he could give her some advice about the best running routes in town. Dustin said he'd be happy to show Kristin and she replied that she'd be over in 5 minutes. That night they walked the running trails. 1 mile turned into 2 miles, then 3 miles and 4 miles and Kristin and Dustin never ran out of things to talk about. They said they just knew and they've been together since :) On a side note I am in love with Kristin's hair. Seriously considering a change of color right now...
Kristin and Dustin will get married at Flag Hill Winery in NH next year. We get to take pictures in the distillery!
Whenever I'm planning an engagement session with a couple I try to make it in the last hour or two before the sun sets. The last magical hour of light is known as the golden hour and you can see it here:
Heading out from the beach I noticed this rather interesting looking tree and we pulled over:
Back in Newburyport we took a few more twilight/night time pictures:
I was having so much fun getting to know Kristin & Dustin that we decided we'd stop for one more cocktail :) I played paparazzi through the window:

Kristin & Dustin - even more excited for your wedding now! Thanks for being such great company and so easy to photograph. I hope you like this handful of favorites!

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