Boston Engagement Photographer :: Carrie + Mike

Remember that unseasonably hot hot hot day we had two weeks ago? Well that was the day I met up with Carrie and Mike to shoot their engagement pictures in the Boston Public Gardens.
Carrie and Mike met online (the second most popular way for couples to meet nowadays according to recent research by the University of Rochester). I asked if they'd "winked" at each other and Carrie said she went for a safer "How are you?" kind of note. Mike said that once he got over how forward her note was ;) he was really excited to meet Carrie in person.

Carrie wasn't quite as excited, she'd been on a bunch of disastrous first dates and was keeping her expectations fairly low. However, the initial plan of a quick drink turned into a great conversation and dinner and suddenly four hours had gone by.

Having spent a little time with them both I can see how easily that would have happened. These two spend a lot of time laughing together

By now it was maybe 7pm and still over 95 degrees so we decided to take a break for a little air conditioning and a frosty beer, stopping at the pond on the way

A quick outfit change later we headed over to the Waterfront area for a few night time pictures. I thought I was ahead of Carrie and Mike so when I arrived at the ICA I assumed that the two people cuddled up and looking out over the water were another couple. Sometimes I wonder how I manage to get through the day :)
Carrie and Mike are getting married next year at the Boston Public Library and I can't wait to be their wedding photographer
Carrie & Mike - I hope you like these few favorites of mine, lots more to follow. I'll look forward to seeing you both (and your dog!) soon!

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