Beacon Hill Engagement Pictures :: Amara + Chris

I have a beautiful set of Boston engagement pictures for you today!

Amara and Chris initially met when they were both at school - they were part of the same dance group. I'll be completely honest here - as soon as I heard the words "dance group" my head started spinning with first dance anticipation (Chris and Amara can actually do "the lift"!!!). In my Top Ten movie list Dirty Dancing is currently tied at #1 and Crazy Stupid Love takes spot #9 so you can only imagine how excited I am for this wedding. Not to mention Amara and Chris are ridiculously easy to photograph.

The day started out with horrific thick fog, Amara and Chris was super flexible and happily moved to the gardens and Beacon Hill (we'd initially planned the waterfront but you couldn't see more than a few feet in front of you!). As the morning went on the weather actually got pretty great!

I love engagement sessions as I get to know each couple a little better before their wedding. Amara and Chris are planning an elegant wedding at the beautiful Wellesley Country Club next summer so we took a number of elegant engagement portraits. Amara and Chris also have a goofy side so I encouraged them to show me their silly sides too!

A quick outfit change (handy tip - if you plan on changing outfits for your pictures it's best to leave your clothes hanging in the car or tip generously and a local hotel bellman will usually be happy to hold them for you - you don't want to drag around clothing bags!) and we headed to Beacon Hill. Acorn Street is officially the most photographed street in Boston. As I took this shot I had maybe 50 tourists behind me, I'm guessing Amara and Chris will be appearing in people's vacation slideshows soon!

So anyways, back to dance group. Everyone was pretty friendly with each other and sometimes the whole group would go out. Chris admitted he always had his eye on Amara.

Chris decided to formally ask Amara out on a date. He thought they could start with a simple coffee date and they went to one of their now favorite coffee shops. Coffee turned into more dates into a relationship and finally a proposal! Amara knew Chris was still in Beijing on a work trip so when her friends invited her out for drinks she happily accepted. Little did she know that Chris had flown home a day earlier and was waiting for her on the rooftop of Beacon XV armed with an engagement ring and a proposal of marriage!

We had so much fun on this early morning shoot!
As this relationship started in a coffee shop it seemed only appropriate to end our shoot in a coffee shop. I left Amara and Chris happily sipping on coffee, eating pastries and laughing like usual!
Amara & Chris - thank you for being so much fun to hang out with! I have TONS more pictures for you to follow and I can't wait for August 2014 to come around! It'll be here before you know it.

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