Boston College Engagement Pictures :: Hanna + Steve

In 7 years of photographing couples in the New England area I haven't photographed engagement pictures at Boston College. And then I was there twice in one week!

Not only does BC have a beautiful campus but I also enjoyed the challenge not to duplicate any pictures and to try to make each session unique. That was made even easier by the fact that we were joined by Lola on this shoot. Lola is an English bulldog of approximately 2 years. As you can tell by this picture Lola was beside herself with excitement for pictures:
Lola summoned up just enough energy for a short stroll
I think this one was my favorite from the whole afternoon - mostly because of Lola's face which is all "Yeah, check out my humans, they love me and squeeze me and hug me."
I am always happy to have furry members of the family join us for engagement pictures, it's important however to to have a friend or dog sitter ready to take over so we can do part of the session without our furry friends :) Lola's wonderful dog sitter Mary was ready to take her for a long walk after this last picture.
Hanna and Steve met at BC a while ago when they lived in the same dorm. They had mutual friends and found themselves hanging out more and more.

Fast forward through friendship and a relationship, Steve had the engagement ring and planned a romantic dinner at Giacomo's. His plan was to ask Hanna to take a walk after dinner over to Christopher Columbus park and to propose under the trellis.

However, it was a freezing cold winter night and Hanna was wearing heels so she vetoed the walk to go home and snuggle up in the warmth. They drove past Christopher Columbus Park on the way home and Hanna remarked on how pretty it was with the archways all lit up with twinkly lights and wouldn't it have been nice to stop made plans...

Steve figured there's no place like home and asked Hanna as soon as they got back home. Hanna said yes!
Hanna and Steve will get married at the Taj Boston next year and they're looking forward to an awesome celebration with their friends and family. I'm looking forward to photographing everything!
Hanna & Steve - thank you for introducing me to Lola, I can't wait to see her as your flower girl! Hanna - I know you said you're allergic to romance but I think you handled the engagement shoot like a trooper and I hope you both like the pictures! Lots more to come....

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