Boston Engagement Pictures :: Sara + Jason

I remember getting the first email from Sara about her 2014 wedding to Jason which had all sorts of interesting and hilarious information about their plans including:
"One of our best friends and mentors is officiating. Our 14 pound Boston Terrier named Uncle June will be involved. Also, Jason and I are both guaranteed criers."

I am a big fan of dogs with more than one name so I knew I had to shoot this one :) A couple of weeks ago I met up with Sara and Jason on a dull and overcast afternoon at Aquitaine in Dedham.

Our session didn't exactly go to plan. We were supposed to have a quick drink and then head out to shoot. The quick drink accidentally turned into a bottle of wine and oysters and truffled fries while Sara and Jason told me all about the proposal in Paris.

On a previous visit they'd written their names on a lock and thrown the key into the Seine. Jason had big plans to take Sara back to the bridge, find their lock and ask her to be his wife. Jason involved Sara's grandparents who convinced Sara to spend Christmas in Paris. Jason went by to check the lock was still there and miraculously it was one of the few that had survived the cull by the French government. However, as it was December there was torrential rain every day making a trip to the bridge unlikely and so Jason put Plan B into action.

Sara & Jason checked in to one of their favorite little places with the most fabulous breakfasts and made dinner reservations. And then food poisoning struck and Sara & Jason were trapped in their room like sick little bunnies in their bathrobes. Jason decided enough was enough and he was just going to ask. Sara had always had a thing about "for the whole time" so if there was any random talk of future events she'd shrug and say "Well, no one's talked to me about for the whole time yet..." so Jason said "What if someone did want to talk to you about the whole time..?"

See - how could you miss a story like that? Not to mention the story about Jason's poor deceased cat and his urn of ashes. It suddenly occurred to me that we really needed to take some pictures.  It was about to get dark, I had a parking lot as my backdrop and it was raining pretty heavily but see what you can do with a small plant:

We went to Sara & Jason's house to meet Uncle June the dog and Lion the cat.
I can't decide if Uncle June was less than impressed with the PDA or keeping a watchful eye out for intruders
Uncle June had heard that kissing sometimes happens at an engagement shoot so he tried to get in on the action
For some reason I thought it would be kind of amusing to see if the animals would sit in the bookshelf
Sara and Jason whipped up a batch of cocktails...
...while June did his best "Bunny in PJs" impression and introduced me to his friend Hippo

I was a little concerned that we'd spent much of the session talking and I had more pictures of Uncle June than Sara and Jason. I had plans to be in Boston the following evening so we squeezed in a mini night session. This was a temporary art installation - the Lucy Light Forest - and it was only around for a week. I'd kind of like to buy this and install it in my yard...
Lucy Light Forest Boston, Charles River Engagement Pictures on Esplanade
The incoming storm made for dramatic skies, thanks to Daniel for holding my lights!
Couple kissing at night with dramatic blue skies on Charles River in Boston
And one last one
Sara & Jason - I think it goes without saying that I literally can't wait for your wedding at Castle Hill Inn next summer. I can't wait to see Uncle June's wedding bow tie. Most importantly, I can't wait for you two to make it official that you're in it for the whole time.

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