Renaissance Haverhill Golf Club Wedding Pictures :: Jenn + Erik

Hello! Today's wedding is coming to you from the beautiful state of Maine where Paul and I are enjoying a "staycation" - basically we're eating and drinking our way around all of the beautiful places we never usually get to (Camden, Rockland, Bar Harbor, Kennebunkport...) - I highly recommend it! The actual wedding took place at Renaissance Golf Club in Haverhill, MA - one of my favorite venues to take wedding pictures at - and it's one of my very favorite 2013 couples - Mr & Mrs Wolf!!!
The invitations were all individually made by Erik's stepmother at Quilling Card (along with handmade quilled flowers at each place setting)

Pay attention to the poses of the little figures on this wedding program...I may have decided to try to duplicate them later with the real wedding party ;)
Jenn was in the safe (and soothing) hands of Joanne of Joya Beauty so obviously she was going to look amazing. Joanne jokingly asked me if I only work with absolutely stunning brides :) Hair was by the lovely Jeanette Ruppert.

Meanwhile the ever-awesome Audrey was hanging out with Erik and the guys
Liking the custom monogram on Eric's shirt:
Jen got into her wedding dress from Casblance bridal and there were some sweet moments with her parents:
On a wedding day I'm so focused (ha) on light, composition, observing and anticipating the next moment that it's rare I get choked up/overly emotional. But just like Jenn's Aunt Roe and Mom Michelle I had to blink rapidly and swallow the lump in my throat when Jenn "talked" with her Grandmother on Skype and showed her her wedding gown and flowers:
Alex drove Erik over to the location for the first look, Audrey captured this first bump:
Erik waited patiently to see Jenn for the first time:
I've said it before (and I'll say it again ;) having a first look is a great way to:
a) have some private quiet time together on this momentous day where everything else will go by in a blur (you can't exactly have a conversation at the top of the aisle with the priest standing inches from you)
b) take all of the "formal" pictures when everyone is looking fresh and perfect
c) relax and enjoy cocktail hour - champagne, hors d'oeuvres and time with your closest friends and family - vs. spending your first hour as newlyweds standing in a line and smiling at the camera

Jenn seeing Erik for the first time:

Not sure Erik could hold on any tighter:
Jenn and Erik allocated tons of time for pictures before the ceremony which was awesome - I captured some shots of both of them individually and together (Audrey whispered to me at one point "Wouldn't it be awesome if every couple was like Jenn and Erik?" and she was so right! I can't explain how amazing they were to work with (Whatever you think Leah! You just tell us where to go! We trust you!) - they're two of the nicest people I've ever met and they go so well together - it barely felt like work!)
See? Could they be any cuter together?!?!

Jenn & Erik had a whole fleet of party buses and limos but our location for the first look had a little construction happening on the access road and I was concerned that the party bus wouldn't fit. I asked them if they'd be OK hopping in my car for a few minutes and they were all "Sure! No biggie!" It can be challenging to drive and shoot (rest assured we were at a stop sign ;)
Once we had passed the construction we hopped on the party bus. The guys' socks amused me:
We then arrived at Renaissance Golf Club in Haverhill, MA to do the "formal pictures". Remember the wedding party program above?
Jenn and her bridesmaids:
Erik and his groomsmen:
We took some relaxed yet mantel-worthy family pictures. I loved Erik's grandparents, his grandfather made sure to tell me how proud he was of all of his children and grandchildren:
Jenn & Erik had little bubble wands for their friends and family to blow at the end of the wedding ceremony, I asked two of the groomsmen to do a trial run:
Thanks to Chris and Simeon for giving it their all:

Renaissance Golf Club in Haverhill is one of the very best wedding venues north of Boston in my opinion! The ballroom is beautiful, the outdoor ceremony site is set amongst the trees, the grounds are spectacular for pictures and Holly and the whole team are a joy to work with. I could have photographed Jenn & Erik all day but we had a wedding ceremony about to happen.
Jenn added a bird cage veil as a surprise for the wedding ceremony:
Seriously Jenn? Who actually looks this good in real life?!?!
Unplugged ceremonies - awesome for so many reasons not least because your friends and family are present in the moment with you, looking at the ceremony vs. their cell phones. Loved the little note Jenn and Erik had in their programs
Jenn's dad proudly walked her down the aisle:
Loved this setting for the outdoor ceremony:
Extremely happy newlyweds with bubbles! A much safer alternative to sparklers, just as pretty and allowed by almost all venues.
Jenn's uncle Hank performed the super personal ceremony (including poems and thoughts from Jenn & Erik's parents) and I loved the giant bear hug he gave Jenn after the ceremony:

We were all done with official pictures and Jenn & Erik were ready to go mingle with their friends and family at cocktail hour but Holly kindly procured a golf cart and took us out to this cute bridge where we took pictures for approximately 4 minutes - hors d'oeuvres to eat people!
Guests enjoyed seasonal pumpkin ale with a cinnamon sugar rim and signature drinks at cocktail hour whilst "signing" the fingerprint tree that...wait for it...Erik actually drew himself!
Perfect timing - twilight with the Renaissance club house in the background
Loved these black antique lantern centerpieces from the amazing, the wonderful Les Fleurs in Andover, MA. Pretty wedding cake from Chickadee Hill Cakes:
Erik extended his wolf pack from 1 to 2:
First dance as newlyweds:
The night flew by with fabulous toasts, a beautiful blessing, heartfelt parent dances and even a hora!
Whilst I was all up in the middle of the hora, this was Audrey's view:
DJ Michael Siagel was a joy to work with (the kind of great DJ who checks that you're ready before making any announcements) and he played awesome music:
As we left, Jenn & Erik were still dancing the night away:
Jenn & Erik - I'm super happy you're married but super sad as it means I don't get to talk to you both and photograph you any more! You could have been a better couple to work with - it was an absolute pleasure! Wishing you both a very long and happy life together in NYC or wherever you end up!

Oh go on then, one more picture:

Now I'm off to eat more lobster...

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