Should we get a Photo Booth for our wedding?

It's totally up to you! You don't have to! You might love Photo Booths. You might hate them. Guests usually have a ball and it can be fun to include a 4x6 print of the picture in their thank you cards. If you're looking for one of the old-timey photobooth that seats two people and prints out strips then I recommend these guys - Boston Photobooth Rental.

The photobooth I offer my wedding clients is open frame - there's a backdrop and then the camera sits in front in an enclosed box. Guests can push a big red button that counts down 5,4,3,2,1 and then the picture is taken but usually Audrey mans the booth to encourage people to take a "nice" picture and then get silly. Not to mention if the booth is left unattended the props have a mysterious way of showing up on the dancefloor....

The photo booth needs a decent size space with a flat floor, 10ft x 10ft is ideal so talk to your venue coordinator. You'll also need a table and linens for the props. I don't recommend having the booth in the area where dancing is happening - the flash can be a little distracting and the noise levels are high. Often the booth will be just outside the main room - if people have to pass it on the way to the bar or the restroom this encourages use. I don't offer on-site printing as I want people to get in the booth and then get straight back out and back to dancing. The couple receive a 4x6 print of each picture taken plus the digital images for sharing. The booth usually closes 90 minutes after dinner.

There are three different backdrops to choose from. Mint chevron is new and was just used at Laura & Mike's rehearsal dinner. The photobooth images are going up on my facebook page as we speak so head on over to Leah Haydock Photography and hit "LIKE" and then have fun tagging yourself and friends if you were at the wedding!
drop it modern mint green chevron backdrop

There's a gold spangled backdrop which I love (from Drop It Modern). Here it is at Emily & Mike's wedding at the Boston Harbor Hotel last month:

A big shout out to Jim from Boston Wedding Films who asked me if he could put a video camera in the booth and then came up with this fabulous little clip of behind the scenes mixed with my pictures:

And then there's the black on black backdrop as seen at Jo-Ann & Ben's wedding last weekend. One of their guests happened to have a bear suit in the car (as you do).  Jo-Ann said this one should be called "Surf & Turf". These pictures from the Photo Booth will be up next week!

And that's it for today! Who knows what'll be up tomorrow... :)

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