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Cast your mind back to your high school days. Remember when you'd all hang out in big groups - the guys all playing video games, the girls talking about what to wear to the next school dance? Remember how your friends would do that "my friend likes your friend" kind of thing and the next thing you know you were dating?

Adeline was 16 and Matt was 17 and although they were at different high schools they had some mutual friends. The first time Addy met Matt he was playing video games. Matt remembers that one of his friends had actually tried to get him to take Addy to a semi-formal dance but he was shy and so someone else took her.

I remember being 16 and hanging out with friends and there was this one guy, we'd talk all the time but there was so much "Does he like me?" and "Is he going to kiss me?" and "Maybe he likes someone else?" and it took a couple of our friends to literally be like "OMG, will you guys just kiss each other already?"

Addy and Matt were at an O.A.R concert together and I guess they had a helpful friend too who pushed them together. I believe she'll be one of Addy's bridesmaids next year - that's a good friend! The next few years of high school went by in a blur of hanging out and eating pizza over at each others houses and school dances. And then Addy and Matt did the whole long distance thing while Addy was at UPenn for nursing school and Matt stayed in Boston for medical school.
Matt knew he wanted to propose to Addy but he wanted to wait until she'd graduated from school and was back in Boston. Plus there was the whole asking Addy's father for his permission (the first attempt disguised as a random visit to drop off some lawn chairs had to be aborted when he couldn't get Addy's dad alone) but the second attempt over lunch at Legal worked out. 
There was much laughing from these two. Did I mention it was one of those FREEZING cold fall days - where your eyes are streaming and your hands and nose feel like they're going to fall off? Addy and Matt were troopers!
So back to the proposal. Matt had Addy's dad permission, he bought a ring and Addy had mentioned she'd like to go out for dinner on the boat one night. It was all coming together! They set sail and Matt told Addy he was having a little engine trouble and asked her to hold open the door. Addy turned to see Matt down on one knee. Matt asked. Addy said yes. Then they drank champagne and called everyone to tell them the good news.

The temperatures were dropping lower so we took a break for a warming (medicinal?) cocktail at Drink which is one of Addy and Matt's favorite hangouts. There may also have been some french fries involved.
Playing around with multiple exposures
Before everyone froze to death we took some night time pictures, the bridge on Northern Ave now has some cool uplighting, I felt like I was at a wedding :)
Addy and Matt - thank you for braving the cold temperatures and for being so warm and fun to hang out with. Matt - you were sneaky fast on the draw with your credit card so cocktails are on me next time. I hope you like this handful of pictures - there are LOTS more uploading as I type!

I can't wait for the wedding at the State Room Boston next year, it's one of my very favorite venues to photograph at:
State Room Wedding Photographer 
Wedding Pictures at the State Room Boston - Amanda & Danny just celebrated their 1 year anniversary and...they're having a baby!

Have a good weekend everyone! Paul is on his way home from Germany so I'm planning a lazy weekend by the fire, maybe a movie or two. And then I have two November weddings coming up that I'm super excited for. Next week on the blog I'll have some fun holiday card ideas for you along with info about my upcoming annual Black Friday print sale...

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