Boston North End Engagement Pictures :: Melissa + Morris

A couple of weeks ago I met up with Melissa and Morris to photograph their Boston engagement pictures. They requested the North End area of Boston as it's one of their favorite places to visit and eat and where they had many of their early dates.

Melissa and Morris met online on OK Cupid (I'd guess about 30% of my couples meet online), Melissa said she couldn't help but laugh reading Morris's profile which mentioned that he was Brad Pitt's identical twin AND had health benefits. Morris said that most responses he got were kind of angry or baffled saying "You're NOT Brad Pitt's brother" so he was excited that Melissa got his sarcastic sense of humor.

Their first date was ice cream at JP Licks. They sat on a bench, chatted and enjoyed their ice creams. As soon as Melissa left, Morris was thinking up reasons and excuses to text her.

Their second date was for dinner in the North End. After the date Morris saw Melissa safely to her door. On his way back to his car he tripped in the dark pathway and went flying. As he fell to the floor cut and bleeding he accidentally hit the panic button on his car key. The next morning he texted Melissa casually asking if she'd heard any disturbance after he left. Melissa slept right though everything :)

Their third date they went for "all you can eat chicken wings" but stopped at 25 wings as neither wanted to appear too greedy ;)

Melissa and Morris spend most of their free time running and taking long walks which enables them to indulge in their mutual love of eating out and all food. We've had some great conversations about food and I'm jealous that they're off on a foodie tour of Maine soon (we just got back yesterday! blog post coming soon)

Melissa and Morris - that was fun!

I hope you like this handful of pictures! Lots more to come! I can't wait to photograph your wedding at the Mandarin Oriental next year (with the fabulous planning of Emilie from Pink Orchid Weddings)
Next up on the blog will be the most stunning wedding you might have ever seen at the Boston Harbor Hotel...

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