Holiday Cards!

The holidays are I thought you might like to find out more about ordering your holiday cards from Leah Haydock Photography. Why not show off your wedding, engagement, family pictures! You'll find all the info you need here - there are seven designs for this year!

*All cards are flat (not folded) 5x7 cards printed on both sides (with the exception of the two letterpress 5x5 options)

*Pricing is $55 for 25 cards, $100 for 50 cards, $145 for 75 cards, $185 for 100 cards

* 3 paper choices:
- Classic felt - a fine Forest Stewardship certified paper with a luxurious feel and weight (130# Cover/352 GSM)
- 100% Recycled - a bright white finish with the occasional fleck of paper fibre in the finished product (130# Cover/352 GSM)
- Pearl - offers a very subtle shimmer. The rich luminous effect is achieved by combining natural minerals with organic pigments (107# Cover/ 290 GSM)

*You can specify color or black & white images.

*3 envelope choices:
- Plain white
- Kraft (natural brown)
- Pearl (a shimmery/very pale silver color)

*Add $15/order to add return address printing (available fonts below - return address on top front left or centered on flap at back). Add $10/order to add gold or silver liners to your envelopes (white envelopes only)

*Some of the designs offer color or wording customization. More info below and in the order form.

I needed pictures to put in the cards to show you the designs so I started off with my best impression of a little reindeer from a recent photo booth...that soon got old and I started to think my expression looked a weird so I dug out some of our wedding pictures :)

This is a flat 5x7 vertical card - I've shown the front of the card and the back of the card next to each other above. You can show off 5 different pictures and the two color boxes are customizable. You can specify two colors for the color boxes with text or I can pick up a color from one of your pictures (which is what I did here with the warm orangey/gold of the backdrop)

DESIGN #2 - HAPPY NEW YEAR SIMPLE (update - yup - just noticed it's the wrong year ;)

A flat 5x7 card, one landscape image on the front. You can do one landscape image on the back or one landscape and one portrait (as above). The colors can be customized.


This flat 5x7 card allows you to show off one favorite image (vertical/portrait orientation) but also to let everyone know where you're living. Great if you've recently moved or if you live away from most of your family and friends. There are two options to customize this card - changing the state and also the message - choose from Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas.


This design is one of my favorites. You can show off three of your favorite images.


Note that these cards are a little different to the other (I'm thinking the snowflake design might be my card this year - just need to get a new picture with Paul now!) These cards are 5x5 (note that 5x5 cards aren't classed as "standard" by UPSP and there's a 20c non-machinable surcharge imposed per card when you go to buy your stamps!) and they're only printed on ONE SIDE. The graphic elements (the snowflakes or the trees) are pressed into the card so it has a really luxurious feel and look. There are two different designs - snowflakes or trees (as shown above) and there is no printing on the back. Almost letterpress is printed on a beautiful premium cotton paper (no other paper options are available).


I though you might be missing my sad reindeer look so thought I'd bring it back for this one! This card is  pretty awesome. They're flat 5x7 cards but they're die-cut in the shape of a holiday ornament which you can pop out. On the left you'll see how the card looks - and on the right you can see the part which pops out.  One side of the card has the message and the other side shows off a favorite picture.


Just like the above pop out card, this 5x7 flat card is also printed on both sides and die-cut to pop out a cute card ornament showing off a favorite image on either side. The picture on the left shows how the card looks and the picture on the right shows how the ornament looks once it's popped out.  Start a new tradition and do a different pop-out ornament card each year!

So there you go! Click **here for the pdf order form** - just print, complete and mail in your order or  **here to access the google doc order form**, save a new version of the form or shoot me an email leah at and I'll send a form over. Then you can check "holiday cards" off your to-do list!

Coming up tomorrow will be advance notice of my annual Black Friday print sale (you might just check off all of your holiday shopping too!) and then I have two weddings coming up so we'll be back to pictures next week!

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