New Canaan Engagement Pictures :: Waveny House :: Brigitte + Jon

"The chicken is SO spicy!" was the first thing that Brigitte ever said to Jon. I imagine she then had a little "I carried a watermelon?!!?" kind of moment. Nevertheless this little conversation at a company outing was the start of a something pretty special...

I met up with Brigitte and Jon last week in the beautiful town of New Canaan in Connecticut and as luck would have it we happened upon a train leaving the station:

Brigitte and Jon were working in the same office and Jon would come over to Brigitte's work area to use the tape decks. Brigitte admits to feeling butterflies whenever Jon was around.

Brigitte and her roommates moved house and their new location happened to be next door to Jon...which led to a conversation not about spicy chicken but about the area where they'd both be living.
After a little time taking pictures in downtown New Canaan we headed over to Waveny Park to be met by a very special lady - Molly the dog!

Molly is a pretty awesome dog - see the white patches on her shoulder and paw? They were caused by the radiotherapy treatment she had to overcome cancer :( but she's all good now :)

Jon's cousin Chris (and friend Phil! - thank you guys for the bench moving and dog whispering skills!) came along to keep an eye on Molly so I could get some pictures of Brigitte and Jon alone:

Waveny Park is a beautiful setting and home to The Waveny House, Brigitte and Jon initially wanted to have their wedding there but it isn't big enough for their guest count.

Could these two be any cuter? Also - I'd just like to go on record and say I didn't even open Photoshop for this image. Gah! 
Fast forward to Jon wanting to ask Brigitte to be his wife.  He roped in close friends and family to not only get a sofa out of storage but to actually bring it out to the middle of Waveny Park and place it under a tree along with roses and champagne. Brigitte thought they were just going for a walk...

That's the tree that Jon proposed underneath. Brigitte said yes and I for one CANNOT wait until September of next year to photograph their wedding! Brigitte and Jon - I hope you like this handful of favorite images - there are a LOT more to come! Give Molly a squeeze for me!

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