Kennebunkport Engagement Pictures :: Goose Rocks Beach :: Beth + Jeremy

When I'm scheduling engagement pictures in the winter we'll often pick one or two back-up dates in case of a storm, horrifically cold weather or a blizzard. Luckily the weekend before last we totally lucked out on the weather for Beth & Jeremy's engagement session in Kennebunkport with one of those cold but blue sky/sunny days.
But let's backtrack to the night that Beth and Jeremy first met. They happened to be at a popular bar in Manhattan where they both live . Jeremy was pretty much staring at Beth.

Beth may have glanced over at Jeremy a few times too.
So let's all say thank you to Jeremy's friend Andrew (looking forward to meeting you at the wedding Andrew!) who finally had enough of all of the suspense and told Jeremy to "just go talk to her!"
And wouldn't you know it. Beth and Jeremy not only had mutual friends but they'd actually both attended Boston College, although not at the same time.
It got to 3am (on a work night no less!) and Jeremy and Andrew decided they would do a massive taxi run all over Manhattan to make sure everyone - including Beth ;) - got home safely. A dinner date followed shortly after and Beth said they just couldn't stop talking.

Beth and Jeremy live in NYC but they'll be getting married at the Fairmont Copley Plaza in Boston in the fall. When we were talking about where to shoot their engagement pictures Beth mentioned that her parents have a home in Kennebunkport so we decided on downtown and the beautiful Goose Rocks Beach.

After that initial succesful first date we'll fast forward through their relationship to Beth & Jeremy flying to Dublin, Ireland for a vacation. They arrived early in the morning after a red-eye flight and Beth noticed Jeremy seemed to be acting a weird combination of suspicious and romantic. While waiting for their hotel room to be ready they took a walk in the (always) raining city of Dublin and eventually Jeremy led Beth to a park bench. The rain stopped, the sun came out and Jeremy got down on one knee to ask Beth to marry him. Beth said yes.
We were just about to leave Goose Rocks Beach to head back into town for some night time pictures when Beth and Jeremy remembered the "smitten mitten". I was most intrigued. Beth and Jeremy like to ski and they were gifted this rather fabulous two-person mitten that allows you to HOLD HANDS AS YOU SKI - is this the best invention ever?!?!?
We headed back into Kennebunkport (thanks to Michele for braving the cold and holding my light!) and wrapped up with a few late night pictures
Beth & Jeremy - I can't tell you how great it was to meet you both in person after the phone/skype meetings! I hope you like this handful of favorites - lots more to come! And I can't WAIT for your wedding in October!

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