Portland, Maine Engagement Pictures :: Amy + John

Just over a week ago I met up with Amy and John in Portland, Maine. We thought we'd start with a little beer at a new brewery/distillary pub in Portland, Maine - Infiniti

It was a steamy hot day in Ithaca, NY when John was moving out of his upstairs apartment and Amy was moving in to her downstairs apartment. One of the worst possible days to be carrying a ton of heavy boxes. They both had a lot of stuff and kept passing one another on the stairs. John proposed an ice cold beer in an air conditioned bar and Amy accepted.

That cold beer led to a relationship and eventually Amy & John moved back to New England. Spending a hour with these two was all kind of fun. John was a little skeptical of the whole engagement pictures thing but he admitted it wasn't too painful. And I don't think Amy stopped laughing all afternoon :) 

Amy and John live in Jamaica Plain. John is a keen sailor and one evening he convinced Amy to go out on the pond for a sail. This time John wasn't proposing a cold beer but marriage!

Winter engagement pictures can be chilly but after a week of 20 degree weather we lucked out with a balmy 35 degree day. And Amy & John had the promise of Dim Sum with friends to keep them warm during the shoot.  

Amy and John will be getting married at Migis Lodge in South Casco, Maine in May and I can't wait to be their wedding photographer! Migis Lodge is one of the most beautiful outdoor wedding venues in Maine. A rustic yet elegant camp on the shores of Lake Sebago AND it's less than 2 miles from our home in Maine. Engagement pictures of a couple getting married at Migis Lodge

Probably the only thing that I'm sad about is that Taco the dog won't be joining us at the wedding. It seems Amy & John's dog has somewhat of a lifeguard complex and if anyone's swimming he panics and tries to rescue them.
Amy & John - thank you for braving the cold weather and for being so fun to hang out with! I can't wait for your Migis Lodge Wedding in May!

In other news it's Restaurant Week in Maine this week - tune back in tomorrow to hear all about my favorite local restaurants and things to do if you're vacationing or getting married at Migis!

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  1. Amy and John,
    Wonderful photos of you two! My favorite is when you are laughing together.
    Mom and David