Engagement Pictures at the Crane Estate + Crane Beach :: Sarah + Cameron

It's a cold and dreary Monday afternoon, why not get a drink and spend the next 10 minutes enjoying Sarah & Cameron's engagement photographs at The Crane Estate and on Crane Beach?

Sarah & Cameron will be married at the Great House on Castle Hill at The Crane Estate in just over 5 weeks and it's such an amazing North Shore wedding location that we did their engagement pictures there too. Remember you need a permit to take pictures here!

True story - yesterday I had a friend visiting for lunch and she saw these pictures on my giant iMac screen. She looked at them for a minute and then said "You didn't take those did you? Like - they're not real people getting married? They're just pictures you've pulled from a magazine or something?" Rest assured - Sarah & Cameron are real people (really great people actually!)

We started in the Italian Gardens which were a little bare on this early spring day but will be in full bloom very soon!

Sarah and Cameron were so easy to photograph as they're super comfortable around each other not to mention there's a lot of laughing. 

If you're not familiar with the Crane Estate you're missing out. You should totally take a vacation day, pack a picnic and plan a day out in the summer! I've been there a bunch of times (like for this Crane Estate Wedding last year) and it takes my breath away every time. From the rolling hills of the Grand AllĂ©e leading down to the ocean to the historic Great House - it's just stunning. In just a few weeks this area outside of the Great House will be filled with guests enjoying cocktails and hors d'oeuvres at cocktail hour:

How cute as these two?

Growing up, Sarah spent a lot of time at Crane Beach which is just a short drive away from the estate so we hopped on over there:

As you can imagine my job is very hard when you have such photogenic subjects ;)

Sarah & Cameron - thank you for being so fun to hang out with (I could happily discuss favorite places to eat for hours!) and photograph. I'm so excited for your wedding! I hope you like this handful of favorites - there's a gallery with lots more pictures coming your way...

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