What's in my camera bag? As seen on Shotkit...

It's Friday evening and I'm prepping for my weekend of shooting at Migis Lodge on Sebago Lake - have I mentioned that this is quite possibly the best wedding venue in Maine? I'm cleaning sensors, charging and changing batteries and formatting memory cards and other exciting tasks. And then I'm packing it all up into various lighting bags and camera bags.

Waaaaay back in January I received this email:
Hi Leah

I work for a website due to be released in a few weeks called Shotkit, and am a fan of your work.

Shotkit will feature the work of photographers around the world, and in particular, information on what they carry in their camera bags. Photographers such as Jonas Peterson, Fer Juaristi, Jeff Newsom and others from various genres will also be featured.

As a successful photographer yourself, I was wondering whether you would like to contribute and possibly be one of the featured photographers on the site?

If so, I will need from you:
1. A photo of the contents of your bag, neatly laid out. Taken from above in daylight would be best.
2. A write up about your photography, gear, and anything else you may find relevant.
3. A selection of 5 of your best photos which will be featured as well as a link to your site.
4. Your hometown and country.

It took me forever to find the time to actually get everything out of my various camera bags and lay it out (and even then I skipped the non-photography items like tissues, blotting papers, hairpins, scissors, Advil, Band-Aids, electrical tape) but I finally did it! Should you be at all curious about what's in my camera bag then check out the little article on Shotkit 

It's a great site that gives you a peek into the camera bags of professional photographers.

Next up on the blog will be an adorable newborn baby boy followed by a fabulous wedding at the Boston Public Library, an engagement shoot in Ogunquit, Maine and then a weekend of weddings at Migis Lodge in South Casco, ME

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  1. Leah, you are such an inspiration! Some day I hope to have a fraction of your talent. Love seeing what's in your bag. As a Nikon shooter myself I am drooling!