Austin, TX Engagement Pictures :: South Congress :: Anna + Justin

Anna and Justin live in Austin, TX and a few weeks ago I met up with them for some pictures. The best part was starting and ending with drinks! 

Anna had a good friend from high-school who was Justin's friend at college and so eventually they ended up in the same place with their mutual friend [there was actual an earlier meeting but Anna says she doesn't really remember meeting Justin!], phone numbers were exchanged and a first date followed shortly after.

I thought engagement sessions in Boston could be kind of hot and humid but that was before I visited Austin, TX!

After a few years of dating, Justin made sure to ask Anna's dad Bob for his permission to ask Anna to marry him. 

Justin initially planned to take Anna to one of their favorites spots in Austin for a breakfast picnic and then propose. But he was recovering from a bad case of food poisoning and couldn't join Anna in eating their breakfast burritos so he decided to wait.

After a relaxing dinner at Winflo Osteria, one of Anna & Justin's favorite restaurants, Justin popped the question and Anna said yes!  I'll be photographing Anna and Justin next week when they're back in Maine for their annual vacation and I can't wait for their June 2015 wedding!

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