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Oh Addy and Matt - where to begin? Such a beautiful wedding with the most beautiful ceremony ever (thanks to Father Vincent Biagi who is a friend of Matt's family) and the most ridiculous dance fun ever! So let's start at the beginning, my day began at the Intercontinental Hotel in Boston where I photographed the beautiful wedding stationery and Addy's STUNNING dress from Musette Bridal (I can't even begin to tell you how much I adored this dress):

Later on in the evening, one of the toasts would mention "the honker" of an engagement ring that Matt gave Addy. It's a very sparkly honker!

Addy had given each of her bridesmaids an oversized white shirt monogrammed with their initials and the wedding date:

Matt sent over a letter for Addy to read, it appeared to be pages and pages of writing. Addy quietly read it, wiped her eyes and then hopped up into the make up chair

Meanwhile it was time for the bridesmaids to open their gifts of a bridesmaid necklace and beautiful Kate Spade earrings. Addy's bridesmaids were the most fun group of girls, I'm going to spare them from the pictures of them practicing their "aisle smiles" while simultaneously lunging but it was pretty hilarious (Ladies - they're in the gallery!) 

Everything about the wedding was so elegant so it made me laugh to see Addy drinking her champagne out of a huge pink plastic "Bride" cup

Addy's mom Ellen and sister Haley helped her into her dress and with her jewelry, a "something borrowed" bracelet from Matt's mom Carol:

Beach Plum Floral delivered the most beautiful flowers, I wish the blog had scratch n' sniff so you could squish your nose up to your screen and enjoy the amazing fragrance of the blush peonies

Dad Jeff arrived at the suite to see Addy in her wedding dress:

As usual I had the amazing Audrey with me and she started her day with Matt and the guys at their home. How cute are these "non cold feet socks"?  

I'm not going to lie when I started the download of the memory cards that Audrey had shot on I thought there might have been some kind of mix up with the cards. Nine times out of ten the guys are sitting around, having a beer, maybe watching some sports on TV. So I wasn't really expecting to see the thumbnails with corn hole and then Matt riding a scooter in a white hat bedazzled with "Mrs Shaughnessy" and a veil (which I think was from Addy's bridal shower) but I think it's awesome! 

Love this little checklist on the front door:

After the scooter rides it was time to get dressed and head to church. Audrey tells me that Matt danced all the way there:

Back at the Intercontinental the girls were ready on time so we took some pictures in the little garden area outside and in the lobby

If you haven't visited the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Boston's South End it's one of the most beautiful churches in Boston for a wedding:

Both Addy and Matt had these little blue silk patches sewn into their wedding clothes:

Matt and his groomsmen:

Time for a wedding ceremony at Cathedral of the Holy Cross: 

The Cathedral can seat up to 1700 people and construction started in 1866

Father Vincent Biagi is a family friend of Matt's family and had travelled up to Boston to conduct the ceremony. He asked Addy and Matt to each write about what their wedding meant, why they loved each other and hopes for their future together. There were a lot of tissues pulled out of purses as what they each had to say about the other was really touching. It'll sound trite but Addy and Matt are truly one of those couples you just know should be together. 

Married! We headed off to the Public Gardens for pictures of the wedding party and family formals. Matt and Addy really wanted to join at least part of cocktail hour so they had a little extra time between the end of their wedding ceremony and the start of cocktail hour. This also allowed guests to make their way through the Friday afternoon traffic to the State Room.

We had a little time for couples pictures in the gardens before making our way back to the State Room:

I've photographed a number of wedding at the State Room and this was the first time I've seen the picture frames on the entrance to the Great Room used so creatively with all sorts of pictures of Addy and Matt from childhood up to their engagement:

Each time I'm at the State Room I can't help but be wowed by the view. It's amazing to see the reactions of guests as they take the elevator up to the top of the building and then enjoy cocktail hour overlooking the city. If timing works out it's a great idea to schedule your day so that sunset happens during cocktail hour and then you have the twinkle lights of the city and deep blue twilight skies for your entrance and first dance. The Longwood Venues & Events team are always absolutely amazing to work with too. 

As I was taking formal pictures for most of cocktail hour and Audrey was assisting and helping to set up lights I was so happy that the talented Jennifer of Aphrodite Photography joined us, these guest pictures from cocktail hour are Jen's pictures:

The newlyweds (the shot from the balcony is Jen's too!):

I get to hear a lot of toasts and speeches and I have to say that there were some pretty outstanding toasts at this wedding. Addy's sister Haley literally brought the house down with her rendition of Taylor Swift's "Love Story" with personalized lyrics "Addy just say Yes!" and so I was curious as to how Matt's brothers Pat and Mike would top it, but they were amazing with their stories of growing up with Matt ending with a challenge to chug a beer.

Addy and Matt cut their cake and then guests enjoyed all sorts of delicious cupcakes after dinner:

Parent dances:

The dancefloor was insane with fabulous music by the fabulous band Radiance:

We took a few minutes outside for a couple of night time pictures

As we came back in, Matt's uncle Jack came over to give me a heads up that he had a little "Put Addy and Matt up on people's shoulders" plan. We had just enough time for Audrey to get up into the balcony while I stayed on the ground.

With one last look out of the window at the Boston skyline, it was time for Audrey and I to head out into the night. 

Addy & Matt - how much fun was that!?! Your friends and family were so welcoming and so incredibly fun, your ceremony was just beautiful to watch and just when I thought you two couldn't look happier your smiles would get bigger. Wishing you a lifetime of love, laughter, health and happiness together!

For regular blog readers, coming up next will be Melissa & Morris's wedding at the Mandarin Oriental, a super fun engagement shoot in Austin, TX and then Sarah & Cameron's wedding at the Crane Estate.

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