Charlestown Baby Photographer :: Meet Baby Ray

Yes I know it's Friday night but I can't stop...I won't stop! So many pictures to share....

Weddings and elopements and engagement shoots galore next week! I thought we could start the weekend off right with the most adorable little peanut named Ray.

Ray's parents Erin & Dan thought they had another 5 weeks until he would be making an appearance and so off they went to NYC to enjoy the July 4th holiday: 

Ray had other plans.  Erin says that typing "Where to have a baby in NYC?" might have been the most terrifying google search ever.

Ray is not an only child. He has a big sister Winnie. 

Winnie thinks that Ray is kind of tasty: 

If this picture doesn't make you melt a little you must have a heart of stone:  

Baby Ray just hanging out, looking pretty cozy to me: 

I think he might still be exhausted from his surprise appearance 5 weeks early! 

Erin & Dan - congratulations! It was a pleasure to meet Ray on his third day in the world. You are the most adorable family! I think we all know who the real baby is though...Yes Winnie - you'll always be the cutest :) 

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