Newburyport Baby Pictures :: Meet Elizabeth

Did you have a lovely 4th of July weekend? Celebrating Independence from those pesky Brits ;) After the four day work week you're probably in one of those "Ugh - Monday!" moods so I have pictures of the cutest baby EVER in the history of all babies to cheer you up. A couple of weeks ago I spent the evening at Salisbury Beach with Danielle & Blair and their adorable baby daughter Elizabeth.

My photographer friends will be well aware of all of the "eye pop" and "baby skin" actions you can buy online to try to make images a little bit more special. However when you're photographing a baby like Elizabeth you don't need any of that nonsense! 

A sweet little moment with daddy: 

Super cute family!

Elizabeth was one of the most calm and smiley babies I have ever photographed:

I know, I know. You're thinking I went to the toy store and photographed a doll. Nope - this is a real baby. Libby is just that cute in real life. I will admit to major eyelash envy!

Danielle and Blair still have all the romance going on :) 

Flying baby:

Danielle & Blair - it was awesome to photograph your little family and meet the most photogenic baby in the world! I hope you like these pictures - lots more to come! 

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