Newburyport Engagement Pictures :: Nicole + Matt

Meet Matt and Nicole....

Nicole and Matt were both interning for the Manchester Monarchs hockey team. They were just friends and would often hang out together with a bunch of other interns. 

One time, Matt called Nicole and asked her to go out for dinner. Just the two of them. Nicole said yeas and that was it. They were dating!

Having spent a couple of hours with the two of them I can attest to what a great couple they make - there's a lot of laughing.

We were joined by Cooper - Nicole & Matt's black lab/great dane mix who lolloped all over Newburyport. I LOVE it when couples bring their dogs for pictures - it's always essential to have a "dog handler" to take the dog away after a half hour of pictures - thanks to Matt's Mom for taking Cooper home! 

Family picture:

Fast forward to last Christmas Eve when Matt asked Nicole to marry him and Nicole said yes! 

They'll be married next July and will celebrate with friends and family at Abenaqui Country Club in Rye, NH. It's a beautiful location and especially meaningful as Nicole's grandfather was a member there.  

Gotta love all of the interesting little places in Newburyport to take pictures: 

Nicole and Matt - thank you for being such amazing company and being so easy to photograph! I hope you like these preview pictures, there's a whole gallery uploading right now with lots more! Can't wait for July 2015!

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