Newburyport + Salisbury Beach Engagement Pictures :: Marianne + Matt

Meet Marianne & Matt:

Marianne had been on for about 6 months and was about to give up as she'd had one terrible date after another. Matt has just joined

Marianne saw Matt and winked at him. Matt winked back

Marianne messaged Matt and the message came through as he was about to tee off on the golf course. He stopped mid-swing to read it much to the ire of his golf buddies.

A first date followed soon after that. Matt arrived first so Marianne approached him with the classic "Is this seat taken?" line

New to Match, Matt had a couple of other dates scheduled that week but after their date Marianne jokingly told him that his other dates couldn't possibly be as good as theirs.

Matt agreed and the other dates went nowhere!

I met up with Marianne and Matt in Newburyport and Salisbury beach and had a blast hanging out with them. They're one of those couples that are just great to be around - there's a lot of laughter, affection and they're so obviously happy together.

Marianne and Matt will be married at the State Room in Boston later this year - actually my last wedding of 2014 - saving the best 'til last! I can't wait! Marianne & Matt - hope you like this handful of favorites from your shoot - SO many more to follow!

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