North End of Boston Engagement Pictures :: Ashlee + Eric

Meet Eric & Ashlee:

A couple of years ago Ashlee worked with Molly. Molly said to Ashlee, "Hey, I have this dude for you!"

Molly's husband worked with Eric and asked him if he wanted to be set up. Eric was all, "Meh, maybe..." but then he saw a picture of Ashlee and was TOTALLY into the idea of being set up :)

Eric pulled out all the stops and arranged for a great dinner in the North End at Lucca with flowers on arrival.

After a night of great conversation Eric walked Ashlee home:

Fast forward two years and Ashlee & Eric went on vacation to Puerto Rico. Eric had spoken with the hotel manager to arrange the perfect setting to propose. Ashlee & Eric were walking back after dinner, Eric was thinking of what he was going to say when Ashlee was distracted by tourists walking along with those tall souvenir glasses from Senor Frogs and was all "Yeah, let's go get some of those!" Eric convinced her to keep walking and as they arrived upon the set up of flowers and candles Ashlee realized what was happening and started to cry. 

Eric asked and Ashlee said yes! 

Next year will be my eighth wedding season (May - August 2015 are fully booked already!) and I've been lucky enough to never need to advertise. I work with the most amazing couples who kindly tell all of their friends about me :) Ashlee was actually Maid of Honor at Alison & Matt's wedding at the Colonnade so I was DELIGHTED when she called me after getting engaged to Eric! 

Ashlee and Eric will be married at the Wentworth by the Sea next summer! I can't wait!!! Make sure you "like" Leah Haydock Photography on facebook to see sneak peeks...! Ashlee & Eric! I hope you like these few favorites - lots more coming your way!

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