Topsfield + Newburyport Engagement Pictures :: Talia + John

Talia and John live in Connecticut, Talia stumbled across my work online and after a great chat on the phone they booked me for their June 2015 wedding. I would have been happy to head down to CT for their engagement pictures but then Talia asked if we could perhaps shoot at her Mom's house in Topsfield, MA as it was where she grew up and it has a nice yard. Nice yard is kind of an understatement! I had major green finger envy!

The day before they started school, Talia and John were introduced by mutual friends. John asked Talia if he could get her phone number and then it turned out that they were in the same English class. They started spending more and more time together and then started dating.

As many good couples do (Hello? Prince William and Kate!) Talia & John took a little break but ultimately found their way back to one another.

Just last September Talia and John were vacationing on the Cape at Talia's grandmother's house. John knew he wanted to ask Talia to marry him but first he wanted to ask Talia's father Gary for his permission.

Out for dinner for their four-year anniversary, John excused himself. He was gone for so long that the waitress thought he'd ran out on Talia but he was just talking to an emotional Gary who happily gave his blessing.

The following morning Talia and John woke early and went to the beach to watch the sun come up. They stumbled across a small bottle that had been washed ashore (well, maybe John went to the beach earlier to plant it!), it seemed to have a rolled up message inside. Talia opened the bottle to find a "Will you marry me?" message and John on one knee with an engagement ring. 

When Talia and John are visiting, this is their favorite spot for coffee and conversation in the morning. I can totally see why! 

We drove the short distance to Newburyport and we'd only taken a couple of pictures when a rather large thunderstorm rolled in and the rain started coming down hard. Not to worry! We took shelter in Ceia (one of my very very favorites restaurants to eat and/or drink in Newburyport) and chatted about their wedding plans, cats and hiking over a glass of wine. 

The rain stopped just long enough for us to get a couple more shots in. Check out that sky! 

Talia & John - it was so lovely to meet you both in person! I'm super excited about your wedding at Kent School next year and I hope you like this handful of pictures. Tons more coming in your gallery!

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