Beacon Hill Engagement Pictures :: Jen + Chris

Happy Tuesday! What's happening with you? I'm a busy bee in the office after having a great few weeks with my parents and in-laws visiting from the UK. I thought I'd get back into the blogging saddle with a pretty awesome Beacon Hill engagement session.

Cast your mind back to one week ago today, it was one of those uncomfortably sticky, muggy, humid days with crazy intermittent rainstorms. We probably would have postponed the shoot in normal circumstances but Jen and Chris live in San Francisco so we decided to forge ahead!

Growing up and through school Jen and Chris had a bunch of mutual friends. There were SO many near misses (think Sliding Doors but without the cheating!) when Jen and Chris were in the same places, nearly at the same events but their paths never crossed. At one point Jen was living in Pennsylvania studying at UPenn when her good friend Brian mentioned that his good friend Chris had a travel layover in Pennsylvania and maybe he could stay with her. Jen agreed but the travel plans changed and so Jen and Chris didn't meet. 

After the almost-meeting in Pennsylvania, Chris admits that he had a quick look for Jen on facebook, he thought she was cute but their lives carried on and neither gave the other one a thought

A few years later Jen and Chris would both be on Nantucket at the same time. Jen grew up spending July 4th on Nantucket with her family, this particular July 4th her family weren't there so she made plans with friends. Said friends and Jen partied a little too hard on July 3rd and as they made their way to the beach for July 4th Jen was feeling a little fragile. Jen and Chris were finally introduced in person but Jen admits she was feeling kind of miserable and not the best of company so she was surprised when Chris made an effort to talk to her.

After Nantucket, Jen and Chris would meet again! This time at an annual get-together at a friend's barn in NH. Jen was secretly a little excited about seeing Chris again. Chris was feeling the same. At one point in the evening Chris asked Jen if she'd help him find something he'd misplaced but it was all part of his master plan and as they walked towards the barn he kissed her.

Although they were only in NH for a few days Chris asked Jen if he could take her out for a date, Jen said yes but in the back of her mind was the fact that she was about to leave for Australia for a year as part of her nursing career. Even worse Jen came down with the flu and against the advice of her Mom insisted on going on the date with Chris. Despite feeling horribly sick, Jen and Chris had a great evening at trivia and when Chris dropped Jen back home to her parent's house they both wished they could have more time together.

The next day Jen was literally about to click on "book my flight" when her phone rang. It was her dream job offer from Children's Hospital in Boston. Unbeknownst to Jen, her manager had entered her for consideration for a program there. Jen accepted the job but didn't get back in touch with Chris. She says "I didn't want to presume that he'd want to see me again!" Jen might be a little nuts!

Luckily good friend Brian once again intervened and told Chris that Jen has stayed in the US. A short while later there was another trip away with a bunch of friends and ever since then Jen & Chris have been together.

Jen is a good friend of one of my favorite 2013 brides Laura who emailed me the night after Chris proposed to Jen on vacation in Hawaii. I was super happy to hear from Jen (gotta love it when couples check on my availability before booking their venue!) and it was so great to finally meet them in person! 

I'll be photographing Jen and Chris again in the spring at the place where it all began - Nantucket - and I can't wait for their fall wedding at Castle Hill Inn in Newport, RI. They've already started assembling a dream team of vendors - Wendy Joblon Events, Long Haul Films, Dani Wagener Beauty, Beantown Band (who just played at a recent Taj wedding and were SO good that I have no words!) - whoop!!!

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  1. Leah,
    I am Jen's aunt Karen and you could not have told the story any better. They are meant to be and a real joy to be around, not to mention that they make such a handsome couple. I'm looking forward to the wedding as they both love to have fun and Chris can dance like no one else I know.