Boston Public Garden Engagement Pictures :: Lauren + Tom

It was freshman year when Tom transferred to a new high school and joined the soccer team. Lauren had a couple of friends who played on the soccer team and so they got to meet each other.
Lauren had sort of dated a guy that Tom knew and so as it is in high school Lauren was "off limits". When Lauren and the guy broke up, Tom waited a respectable amount of time and had one of his friends (who'll actually be a groomsman at the wedding!) subtly inquire if Lauren might be at all interested. Lauren politely decline and so Tom figured he'd have to settle for friendship

Throughout junior year Lauren and Tom spent a ton of time together - just as friends - until finally Tom threw a surprise birthday party for Lauren's 18th at his house. 
At the birthday party Lauren and Tom started to think there might be something more than friendship happening but it took a big conversation 10 days later to confirm it! Lauren had a strict midnight curfew   but most evenings she'd stay out until 11:59pm talking with Tom in a local parking lot. On this particular night in the parking lot Tom asked Lauren if she'd be his girlfriend and Lauren said yes. 

Over the next few years Lauren and Tom were separated as they went to different schools in New Hampshire and New York but they made it work 

They were finally home together for the holiday and planned on meeting Tom's sister for lunch. Tom was particularly eager to leave lunch as it was the shortest day of the year and he knew he didn't have a lot of time left for what he'd been planning. As they drove through their old neighborhood Lauren was surprised when they arrived in that same parking lot where they'd spent so many nights chatting until 11:59pm. Lauren was also surprised that the parking lot had been cleared of snow. 

Tom had visited earlier in the day and cleared enough snow that he could get down on one knee and ask Lauren to marry him. Lauren said yes and then Tom surprised her again with a party of their friends and family! 

They'll be getting married next year and I can't wait to photograph their Boston Harbor Hotel wedding!

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