Engagement Pictures in Boston Public Gardens :: Sabrina + Mark

Sabrina and Mark met at a nightclub. Sabrina is quick to point out that she wouldn't usually even be a nightclubs let alone meeting boys there ;)

However on this particular night Sabrina's friend insisted she come out to the club. The same night Mark's friends insisted he join them too.

Mark was on the radio and Sabrina vaguely knew him so she said hi as she walked by and just like that the night out at a club seemed like a pretty good idea.

Before they knew it Sabrina and Mark were spending a ton of time together, meeting each others families and engaged to be married. The moral of the story is that if your friends insist you go out with them to a nightclub you should go or you might miss meeting the love of your life.

I should probably explain the picture below, we were in the public gardens and there's a bunch of these giant empty frame installations. I think they're meant for tourists to take a picture and then hashtag it with #Boston or something. Whoever installed the frames must have been expecting all visitors to Boston to be 8 foot tall! I think Sabrina had to jump up to even reach :)    

Sabrina and Mark are getting married at Migis Lodge in Maine next year and I can't wait. The only thing I'm sad about is that their dog Henry won't be joining us for the wedding. He couldn't join us for the engagement shoot either due to his allergies but I'm keeping my fingers crossed I'll get to meet him at some point.

I'm also ridiculously excited about meeting both Mark and Sabrina's families. At the end of our shoot (which was super fun with a couple of breaks to warm up and have a cocktail!) Sabrina gave me a large box of cookies explaining that since she wouldn't allow her Mom to join us at the shoot, so her Mom insisted on making some Italian ricotta cookies for me. I'm don't usually have a sweet tooth but I ate three of them on the way home - SO good! 

We ended our shoot on the steps of the Boston Public Library:

Sabrina & Mark - thanks for being so fun to hang out with - I can't wait for May!!! Lots more pictures on their way to you!

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