Engagement Pictures in Salem, MA :: Janelle + Rob

I recently spent a chilly fall afternoon in Salem, MA with Janelle, Rob and their adorable dogs:

Here are Coda and Tessa on their best behavior:

Rob was on Match and he wasn't too impressed with his experience. He'd had a bunch of bad dates and was about to unsubscribe. He figured he'd do one last search before he logged off and so at 2am in the morning he changed all of his criteria and did a final search. One profile popped up - Janelle's…

Janelle had just joined Match and she was still a bit skeptical of the whole process. Rob's email came through just after 2am and she was going to ignore it but her sister insisted she write back.

For the next month Janelle and Rob emailed back and forth and finally Janelle suggested they meet in person. Janelle admits that even before meeting Rob in person she had pretty strong feelings just based on their writing.

Their first date of sushi was extended to a movie and as they said goodbye Janelle thought Rob might kiss her goodnight. Rob explains he was brought up to be a gentleman and so he politely shook Janelle's hand and wished her a pleasant evening.

There were a bunch more dinner dates and movie nights and a great relationship and finally Janelle & Rob moved in together. Rob would routinely check in with Janelle and say "Are you SURE you want to to spent the rest of your life with me?"

Rob initially planned a big proposal in Faneuil Hall with flash cards and family members but when it came down to it Janelle and Rob were folding laundry. Rob asked his usual "Are you sure you want to spend the rest of your life with me?" question and Janelle laughed and replied "Sure!" like usual. Rob asked again and Janelle kept folding clothes. She turned to say, "Why do you keep asking me this?!?!?" to find Rob down on one knee holding out an engagement ring. Janelle & Rob - I hope you like this handful of pictures! Lots more to come! I can't wait for your wedding at Renaissance Golf Club in Haverhill, MA next year!

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