Engagement Pictures in Washington, D.C. :: Sarah + Leslie

A few weeks ago I flew to Washington, D.C. for the first time. I met up with Sarah and Leslie to take their engagement pictures in their hometown. We started our afternoon in the Eastern Market and Capital Hill areas. I'd only talked to Sarah on the phone so it was lovely to meet her and Leslie in person - they're an incredibly warm and fun couple to be around. 

Sarah was at college in Vermont when Leslie arrived as a new student from Ghana. They were just friends for years and after they both graduated they kept in touch and they'd occasionally see each other at various school alumni events. 

Leslie admits to occasionally checking out Sarah's relationship status on Facebook and upon seeing she was single got in touch to let her know he had plans to be in the area.  Sarah thought it was just a visit from an old friend until they eventually got together over a dinner date in NYC.

A quick outfit change later we headed over to the Lincoln Memorial stopping at this rather interesting building first.     

Eventually Leslie decided he'd like to propose so he made sure to ask Sarah's dad for his permission before asking her.

Leslie and Sarah had a trip booked to Brazil for the world cup and Leslie had this epic plan to propose at the foot of the famous Christ the Redeemer statue. Sarah's dad wondered if it would be safe to try to hide the engagement ring on the trip and after giving Leslie his permission and blessing tried to persuade him it might be safer to propose in the US. The next morning he made sure to phone Leslie to tell him that after discussing it with Sarah's mom he thought it was an excellent idea! 

Leslie managed to get through security without the engagement ring and then decided the safest place to hide it from Sarah would be in his toiletry bag :) The ring sat amongst his shaving foam and toothpaste for a few days. 

The morning of Sarah and Leslie's trip to ride the train to the Christ the Redeemer statue was cold and foggy but they rode the train anyway and at the foot of the statue Leslie asked Sarah if she'd marry him!

Sarah said yes! :) This is probably my very favorite picture from our afternoon. 

The sun was setting so we made our way back to Sarah and Leslie's home and stopped by their new local bar for a frosty beverage. 

It was just about time for me to head back to the airport but we took a couple of last pictures on Sarah & Leslie's rooftop, you can just about make out the Capitol building in the background. 

Sarah & Leslie - I had the greatest afternoon with you both! I hope you like these few pictures and I'm so excited for your wedding in Wolfboro, NH next fall!

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