Seaport Boston Wedding + Most Blessed Sacrament Parish Wedding, Wakefield, MA :: Danielle + Mike

Once in a while I'll be photographing a wedding and I'll wonder if the couple are truly enjoying themselves. After all, weddings can sometimes be a little stressful! However at Danielle & Mike's Seaport Boston Wedding there honestly wasn't a single moment that I questioned how much fun these two were having!

But I'm getting ahead of myself, let's start way back at the beginning with these beautiful invitations from Soirée in Andover, MA

Choo chooooo

Here's just a teeny tiny peek of Danielle's stunning dress from Christina's Andover:

Speaking of Danielle, there was all sorts of hair and make up and music and bridesmaids and sandwiches and champagne and fun happening when I arrived:

Danielle's sisters Alicia and Briana helping dad Mark with his suspenders:

Mike had sent over a surprise gift and letter for Danielle - something blue!

Danielle got into her wedding dress and then came out to show her excited bridesmaids:

Cheers! Loving these customized glasses! Etsy I believe! 

Over at Mike's parents home Audrey photographed Mike getting into his tux and opening the gift of a special watch from Danielle:

Danielle and Mike wanted the first time they saw each other to be just for the two of them (it's kind of hard to talk/hug/kiss when you're standing 6 inches from your priest!). Deciding to do a first look also meant we could also take all of the family and wedding party pictures prior to the ceremony (and have extra time post-ceremony to go on location!).

I'll let these pictures speak for themselves, I love how happy Danielle and Mike were and how great they look together! 

Super fun wedding party and relaxed family pictures (not only are family formals more relaxed when we're not trying to cram ALL pictures into 50 minutes at cocktail hour but hair and make up are also fresh and fabulous!)

One more of the lovebirds before it was time to make our way to church:

Danielle and her father Mark traveled to church in style in the antique Rolls Royce:

I photographed the wedding ceremony at Most Blessed Sacrament Parish in Wakefield, MA:

With Danielle & Mike officially married we made our way to the Seaport Hotel for the wedding reception stopping at the Courthouse/Waterfront area for some additional pictures: 

Knowing that Audrey would be busy manning the Photo Booth I drafted in a great photographer friend Dawn for additional coverage of the wedding. These pictures from cocktail hour are all Dawn's.

The Plaza Ballroom looked amazing and have you ever seen such a stunning cake?!?! A HUGE shout out to Ellen Pels and the whole Seaport team, they couldn't have been more organized or flexible and the level of attention to detail was absolutely superb. Flowers by Gregory's of Wakefield: 

The newlyweds made their grand entrance and went straight into their first dance:

I liked the angle that Dawn had for the grand finale:

Welcome and toasts followed:

Danielle danced with her father Mark and Mike with his mother Jo-Ann

The dance floor was declared officially open:

Time to cut that fabulous cake:

Danielle and Mike had a surprise for everyone in the form of glow sticks, let's just say their friends and family certainly know how to party!

Danielle & Mike - or Mr & Mrs Doodle! - from our first meeting over a glass of wine I knew we'd have a blast working together! I think your wedding date might have been the most popular date in the calendar last year but I couldn't have imagined enjoying photographing any other wedding half as much as yours! You both have such wonderfully enthusiastic and loving families and it was an absolute joy to document this giant celebration! I hope you like these favorites - HUNDREDS more uploading as I post this!

And that's all for today folks! Tune back in tomorrow for Amanda & Matt's intimate wedding at The Chanler at Cliff Walk!

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  1. Gorgeous dancefloor shot Leah and that cake is amazing :)