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Happy Tuesday! So there are wedding clients and then there are Brigitte & Jon. It's hard to explain just how amazing these two are and what a perfect couple they make, to really show you I'd need to share maybe 500 pictures and then we'd likely crash the blog so you'll have to settle for just a few of my favorites:

It wouldn't be a wedding without a wedding invitation:

Or wedding rings:

Just a hint of the loveliness that was Brigitte's wedding dress (Allure Bridal): 

I was most impressed with Brigitte's hair (Milexy) and make up (Tiffany Hall) team, not only did everyone look flawless but they also had everyone ready on time!

Brigitte's sisters helped her into her dress: 

An emotional moment as Brigitte's Dad Richard saw her for the first time.

Speaking of Richard, Brigitte had a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue for her "something blue" and everyone had a little sip before heading to church. Emily and Kaitlin decided that it would be a good time to set Richard up as "the most interesting man in the world" :)

Time for a quick picture of Brigitte and her parents before we made our way to church. Brigitte and Jon decided they'd like to see each other for the first time in church but they didn't want to squish all of their pictures into the 50 minutes or so (minus travel time) of cocktail hour so they scheduled their ceremony for 2pm and cocktail hour started at 5:30pm.

Meanwhile Audrey started her day at Jon's parents home. Jon and his groomsmen enjoying his grooms cake:

Jon is super close to his dad and asked him to stand with him as his best man. Joe also helped with Jon's tie :)

Jacket on and time to head to church! 

The wedding ceremony took place at Saint Mary's Church in Stamford, CT and was officiated by Deacon William Hermann also known as Brigitte's Uncle Bill

Brigitte and her father arrived in an antique Bentley:

Guests were seated and listened to all sorts of great music by the string quartet. All I Want Is You was the music Paul and I danced our first dance to at our wedding to I have a soft spot for it :)

A little back massage for Jon:

Jon appeared to be on an emotional roller coaster as Brigitte made her way toward him:

A favorite shot from the balcony: 

Usually it's almost impossible to get any kind of picture of the couple when they're kneeling in the Sanctuary but I was kindly allowed to shoot from the doorways on either side which allowed me to capture Brigitte and Jon's happy expressions (plus a little nose tweaking!)


And married!!!!

We hopped into the Bentley. I'm guessing you're expecting that we were on our way to take pictures? Well you would be wrong. We drove down the block to get coffee. Yup - another hint at the awesomeness that is Brigitte and Jon:

Cute fact, I was making general conversation with the driver to give Brigitte and Jon some alone time but all I could hear from the back of the car was this excited chatter of, "You're my husband!", "You're my wife!", "I'm your husband!", "I'm your wife!"

Back at church we took some formal pictures:

Next up was a trip to Cove Island Park for wedding pictures. Somehow this turned into Seal Cove Park in my head and so when I asked if everyone was ready to head to Seal Cove I got some fairly puzzled looks. It was really pretty great even without the seals. Plus Jon and Brigitte had worked some magic and got permits to drive directly into the park which was pretty great.

Super fun wedding party (the beautiful dove grey bridesmaid dresses are Alfred Angelo and the flowers were by Tom Doyle of Springdale Florists): 

We then had time to take relaxed pictures of Brigitte and Jon. It would be remiss of me not to mention the wonders working alongside Audrey and me in the form of Megan and Brandon from Long Haul Films, I'm a huge fan of the LHF team and more than once caught myself saying to Audrey - I'm having so much fun it's like we're not even working!

We then made our way back to Dolce Norwalk for the wedding reception starting with cocktail hour out on the patio:

Guests found their escort cards in the form of luggage tags as Brigitte and Jon are keen travelers: 

The Dolce ballroom looked AMAZING! Stunning centerpieces, rustic wood tables, custom menus and little wooden airplanes indicated the table names:

Brigitte & Jon's parents and wedding party made their entrances but before the newlyweds were announced there was a surprise video! Yes, the Long Haul crew had secretly conspired and collaborated with Brigitte and Jon to recreate their favorite scene from "Sixteen Candles" - everyone went nuts, it was hilarious!

Brigitte and Jon were still outside but they could hear the roars of laughter and cheering - these are Audrey's pictures: 

Luckily, Brigitte decided she would go to the reception and they danced their first dance as husband and wife:

Blessings and toasts were up next, if you'd like to hear more about John without an h and the supermarket parking lot meeting of the parents  then check out the awesome wedding trailer:

DJ Joel Ortsman of Beat Train Productions played some amazing music through the night, starting it off with a few slow songs: 

Brigitte and Jon cut their cake from DiMare Pastry
Parent dances were next:

And then crazy dancing ensued:

Brigitte's mother Susan lovingly made hundred of jars of homemade jam as favors:

As if the night couldn't get any better, Brigitte and Jon took the time to thank all their guests for coming and then played a short video that had people laughing and crying again: 

The dancing continued on until laaaaate in the night: 

One little night time picture to round off the evening: 

Brigitte & Jon - where to begin? The 24 hours we spent with you honestly didn't feel like work for Audrey and me. Your families were just so welcoming and lovely, your whole wedding was planned and executed perfectly and you had SO MUCH FUN!  Wishing you a lifetime of love, laughter, health and happiness with lots of awesome coffee and amazing travels together! Up the wave, down the wave!

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  1. Leah, thank you so much for your beautiful pictures and kind words. It was so nice to relive this magical and special day. These pictures will forever be a reminder of all the love, laughter, and happiness that surrounded us that day. We couldn't have picked a better team to help us capture these moments. You are truly amazing and I can't WAIT to see the rest of the pictures :)