Engagement Pictures at Assembly Row :: Christine + Dan

Christine & Dan suggested we meet at Assembly Row in Somerville, MA for their winter engagement pictures and as I drove in I couldn't believe I hadn't been there before! Restaurants, bars and shops galore! Anyway, enough about my excitement finding a new awesome place to hang out, let's get to Christine & Dan! 

Christine and I shared just a handful of emails before she booked me for her wedding to Dan so I was very excited to meet them both in person. I was immediately struck by how much comfortable and happy these two were with each other, Dan frequently made Christine laugh out loud during our shoot.

Christine had suggested Assembly Row as they'd ended quite a few of their early dates at JP Licks, so it seemed only right that we'd stop there for an ice cream.

True story - I left Christine & Dan to enjoy their ice cream and thought I'd head outside to see if I could photograph them through the window. I was snapping away when I hear "Hey! Hey you! What are you doing? Do you know them?", I turned to find a very stern police office coming toward me. After I'd explained that I was there for an engagement session luckily he didn't arrest me and instead started picking my brains about his new camera :) 

But let's rewind from the dates and the ice cream. Christine & Dan actually worked together for a few years before they even started dating. They both thought that they had nothing in common so although they'd occasionally go out in a group setting nothing ever happened. And then they found themselves on a non-date.

What's a non-date you ask? Well, it's where you try to to do very non-romantic things like maybe go to Target because you need to pick up some stuff but then buy oreos and mils and you accidentally end up sitting together by a firepit by the swimming pool as the sun goes down :) Non-dates turned into discussions about not dating and then dating and then actual dates! 

A good test for a new relationship is taking a 4-day cross-country trip together. Dan packed some audio books just in case but didn't have to use them as the conversation didn't run out! 

The pictures above and below were taken at the River Bar, they very kindly let us use their cozy patio and firepits for these pictures. It seemed only polite to take a "let's warm up" break in their bar with some mulled wine and spiked hot chocolate:
Last December on a very cold and rainy day Dan insisted that Christine join him for ice cream at JP Licks. Christine thought it was a strange kind of day to get ice cream. Dan suggested they walk down to the water and sit for a while on this very bench. Despite just having had ACL surgery, that didn't stop Dan and he still got down on one knee to propose to Christine. 

Christine & Dan - thanks for introducing me to the wonders of Assembly Row and for being such good company and good sports on a chilly 28 degree Monday! I can't wait for your summer wedding at the Hyatt Harborside! 

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