Engagement Pictures in the Arnold Arboretum :: Erin + Nate

Nate decided to make himself a profile on Match.com, his approach was fairly specific laying out all of his likes, dislikes, quirks and foibles. He wasn't a fan of "winking" figuring it just meant that someone couldn't be bothered to message you.

Erin decided to make herself a profile on Match.com also. She took a slightly different approach putting out a fairly generic profile, in her words, "casting a large net!"

Nate thinks he may have seen Erin's profile but it didn't really tell him anything about her. Erin saw Nate's profile and figured what the heck, and messaged him. Nate was glad that Erin messaged him because before they knew it they were "talking" back and forth and making plans to meet up in person.

First date protocol is often coffee or a glass of wine allowing you to make polite excuses if it's not working out or to suggest lunch or dinner if it is. Based on their messaging, Nate and Erin had a feeling their first date might be different. So they went all in with a Red Sox Yankees game at Fenway Park - meaning they would be stuck with each other for a minimum of nine innings.

On reflection, Red Sox fan Nate said he hadn't realized that being from Long Island, Erin would likely be a Yankees fan. I think it's telling that neither of them remember the final score. Nate does remember Erin's "little black dress", Erin corrects him and explains it was just a sundress that happened to be black. Nine innings in one hundred degree weather wasn't quite enough and the night continued with drinks and dinner.

Later that week, thinking that the date had gone really well, Erin asked Nate if he'd like to join her for a walk in the Arnold Arboretum. Nate apologized and said he was kind of busy. Erin was sad. 

Nate countered asking Erin if she'd like to be his "plus one" at an upcoming wedding. Yup - meeting ALL of his friends on the second date and having a pretty fabulous night of talking and dancing. Things continued at this pace with Nate meeting Erin's parents on the fourth date and staying with them in Vermont. Erin also met Nate's parents and even better - all of the parents now hang out! 

Erin and Nate will be married in August at the beautiful outdoor chapel of St Ann's Episcopal Church in Kennebunkport, Maine. It will be a wonderfully intimate wedding with just their closest family and I can't wait to be their wedding photographer. Also - it's on a Thursday. And you know I've been saying that Thursday is the new Friday for YEARS. Erin and Nate - I hope you like this handful of my favorite pictures - LOTS more in the gallery winging it's way to you now! See you in a few months!

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